do i need a visa to visit kuwait

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Questions like do I need a visa to visit Kuwait? May arise in your mind when you plan to travel with but how you come to know that you can travel without Visa.  countries that can travel Kuwait without Visa but there are a large number of countries whose citizens require a visa to visit Kuwait but do in which category do you fall. Even if you don't know in which category you fall, what's there to be worried about as the team of tourist visas online is always available for you to answer your queries and to help you in getting your visa by following a  simple process. 

So we would be clearing your doubts here only by giving a clear list in which it is mentioned that which citizens require a visa to visit Kuwait citizens of which country is not required to visit Kuwait so get ready to know. 

Citizen of the following countries require a visa to visit Kuwait 

If you hold the citizenship of the following country then you will definitely require a visa to visit Kuwait as per the Visa policy of Kuwait

All European Union Citizens Iceland Singapore Andorra Japan South Korea
Australia Laos Switzerland Bhutan Liechtenstein Turkey
Brunei Malaysia Ukraine Canda New Zealand United States
Georgis Norway Vatican city Hong Kong  San Marino Vietnam
Serbia Cambodia(e visa) Eswatini      

Citizens of the GCC Countries do not require any kind of visa for visiting Kuwait

  • Bahrain
  • Oman
  • Qatar 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates

Frequently asked question

Q. How can I apply for a Kuwait Visa?

To apply for Kuwait Visa you are required to follow a few steps which are explained in detail by us in the article apply for Kuwait Visa so have a look at that and you will get all answers to your question. That the process of applying for a Kuwait Visa is not difficult you can complete this process in the 10 minutes. 

Q. Is it possible to travel to Kuwait with a business visa?

No, you cannot travel Kuwait with a business visa because a business visa is issued for the sole purpose of business-related activities like meetings, conferences, and many more. But if you want to visit Kuwait then you should apply for a Kuwait tourist visa which is also known as Kuwait visit visa which is valid up to 90 days.

Q. Is Visa and important documents when entering Kuwait?

Yes, if you are not one among the citizens of visa-exempt countries then you are required to have a visa without Visa you will not be allowed to enter the country. Well, whenever you travel to another Nation you are required to have a visa because that is the only key for you to enter another Nation. 

Q. What do you mean by a pre-enrollment visa for Kuwait?

A pre-enrollment visa means that you apply for your Kuwait visa in advance without wasting your time in those long queues of the embassy. A pre-enrollment visa enables you to get your visa before your trip. If you want to register for a pre-enrollment visa then you should apply now and give all the required information to the team of tourist visas online which will process your visa and hand it over to you. 

Q. Where will the Kuwait Visa be used after I receive it and my mail?

When you receive your Kuwait these are in your mail you should get a print of your visa as it would be checked at the port or the point of entry. Even if your visa is linked with your passport yesterday, you are required to have a copy of your E-visa.


So now all doubts regarding whether you need a visa or not must be clear. We have mentioned everything clearly which is easily understandable. But if you still have any doubts regarding your question do I need a visa to visit Kuwait you can ask us as this is our responsibility to help our customers. 

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