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Want to visit Kuwait? Don't want to go to the embassy to waste your time. Well, you have taken a good decision that will save your time, money, and efforts. You don't have to wait anymore because now you can get a Kuwait Visa on arrival. But for those who try to get a visa from the Embassy by standing in those long queues for hours and visiting their time and efforts again and again to accomplish all the requirements, this is truly nonsense. Getting a visa to the Embassy will spoil all your excitement. This is not going to do justice to your vacation to Kuwait. So when you have decided that you are going to get your visa on arrival as it is a good decision you also need to know what benefits you are going to get with your decision and what the procedure to get a visa on arrival is.

Countries eligible to get Visa on arrival to Kuwait

The below-listed countries are eligible to get a Visa on arrival to Kuwait for an E visa. The countries which are eligible to get a visa on arrival for Kuwait by using E-Visa services are given below.

All European Union Citizens Iceland Singapore Andorra Japan South Korea
Australia Laos Switzerland Bhutan Liechtenstein Turkey
Brunei Malaysia Ukraine Canda New Zealand United States
Georgis Norway Vatican city Hong Kong  San Marino Vietnam
Serbia Cambodia(e visa) Eswatini      

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Kuwait Visa on arrival?

Initially, Kuwait has introduced the Kuwait Visa on arrival facility for those who are in the list of the countries eligible to get Kuwait Visa upon arrival. Now you may be thinking about how you can get a Kuwait Visa on arrival and where you will get this visa. so here's the answer. Kuwait Visa on arrival is available at the airport or on the point of entry in Kuwait. This option is better than going to the embassy.

Q. How does the Kuwait Visa on arrival give benefit to the visitors?

When everyone wants to spend maximum time doing fun and adventure whenever we go on a trip but for many years the old system of getting a visa was being used in which visitors used to go Embassy stand in those long queues fulfill the paperwork and it used to take a lot of time for getting the Visa. But now the government has introduced e Visa on arrival for the visitors this will reduce the time for getting a Visa and save your efforts. so this means that now you can stay in Kuwait for the maximum time rather than wasting your time in those long queues. 

Q. At which ports Kuwait Visa on arrival can be obtained?

Visitors, now there is good news for you because you can plan a Kuwait Visa on arrival on any of the ports. but if you are traveling by sea or land then you cannot obtain a Kuwait Visa on arrival this is only limited up to the airports. 

Q. How long is the Kuwait Visa on arrival valid?

Kuwait Visa on arrival is valid for up to 3 months. By using Kuwait Visa on arrival you can stay in Kuwait up to 90 days and enjoy your trip by utilizing those 30 days to the fullest. 

Q. How many entries can a visitor have with a Kuwait Visa on arrival?

Kuwait Visa on arrival allows you to enter Kuwait single time once you exit the country you cannot enter the country with the same visa. And if you desire to enter the country again you have to get a visa on arrival for yourself again.

Q. What do you mean by Kuwait e visa for Kuwait Visa on arrival?

Kuwait e visa means (electronic travel authorization) visa which is issued by using online services to the visitors who apply to get one. Kuwait e-visa allows you to stay in Kuwait for up to 90 days with a single entry. 

Q. What is the price of a Kuwait e-visa for Visa on arrival?

Well, this is good news for the visitors of Kuwait as now Kuwait visa on arrival cost is free and can be availed by anyone by just paying the service fee. There is no such thing as the government fee for Kuwait Visa.

Q. What are the requirements to get a Kuwait e-visa?

The general requirements to obtain with E visa are given below:

  • A passport with the validity of 6 months.
  • Return ticket
  • Bank statement
  • Source of making an online payment. 


The best way in today's time is to get a visa for Kuwait is by using online services. This visa comes with many facilities like less time consuming and a Pocket-friendly budget. So what are you waiting for if you have not got a Kuwait Visa and thinking which visa you should apply for then go for Kuwait Visa on arrival / e-visa as this is the best visa we recommend for you.

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