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You may be thinking about which visa you should apply for if you want to visit Kuwait for tourism. We recommend you to apply for a 90 days Kuwait visa because this visa is issued only with the sole purpose of allowing tourists to travel freely around the country. Apply 90 days Kuwait visa at tourist visa online at the lowest cost, easy to apply, a minimum document required, and also get your visa in the fastest processing time. Well if you are not aware of the 90 days Kuwait visa there is nothing to worry as we will tell you each and everything in detail. So be with us and read this article with utmost care if you want to know about the Kuwait tourist visa.

Kuwait is one of the amazing places to travel and explore when it comes to nature. To visit Kuwait you need approximately 30 days. But that’s not possible until you get a visa for visiting Kuwait. To get a visa earlier you used to visit the embassy but now there is no need to worry as we are here to help you in getting your visa without any hassle. 

How can you get a Kuwait tourist visa?

  • Getting a Kuwait tourist visa is not at all difficult when you apply for a tourist visa online.
  • Now you can get your visa from your home itself. Just by using online services provided by tourist visa online 
  • But before you apply for a Kuwait 90 days visa you should know whether you can get this visa or not. 

Know whether you are eligible to get 90 days of Kuwait visa or not 

You know whether you are eligible to obtain a 90 days Kuwait visa, check the name of the country you hold citizenship below

All European Union Citizens Iceland Singapore Andorra Japan South Korea
Australia Laos Switzerland Bhutan Liechtenstein Turkey
Brunei Malaysia Ukraine Canda New Zealand United States
Georgis Norway Vatican city Hong Kong  San Marino Vietnam
Serbia Cambodia(e visa) Eswatini      

After you check your eligibility to obtain a 90 days Kuwait Visa you are ready to apply for Kuwait 90 day visa if you follow the few simple recommended steps. To know the process of applying for a 90 days Kuwait Visa you read how to apply for Kuwait Visa

Requirements for Kuwait tourist visa.

  • You are required to have a passport with the minimum Validity of six months to start the process of obtaining the visa. 
  • Then you can't travel to Kuwait. You should get your return tickets before you apply for your Kuwait Visa because it is checked at the airport at the time of your entry.
  • The proof of your financial stability is required because they want to ensure that you can support your stay in Kuwait.
  • The means of online payment because it is not possible to submit cash. So you need to have a means of online payment. 

If you are interested to know about the requirements for other kinds of Kuwait Visa then you must read the article requirements of Kuwait Visa.

Frequently asked questions 

Q. How long does it take to obtain a Kuwait 90 day visa?

To obtain a Kuwait 90 day visa it can take up to 10 to 15 business days. but make sure whenever you are replying to obtain the visa it is not a public holiday because those days the Embassy is closed and the visa processing can take a longer time than mentioned.

Q. Can I change my Kuwait tourist visa in one week?

Yes, you can obtain your visa in one week but for that, you have to apply for a rush processing visa which is a little bit more expensive than the normal processing visa. If you apply for a rush processing visa you will get your visa in 3-5 working days. 

Q. Is it important to get a return ticket from Kuwait when applying for a Kuwait day visa?

Citizen important documents that are required because they want to ensure when a tourist is leaving the country for security purposes this is essential. 


So it is the right time to apply for your tourist visa of Kuwait when you are aware of all information about tourist visas of Kuwait or 90 days Kuwait Visa. Don't think a lot when you want to travel to Kuwait because this is worth your money. Are you gonna have an incredible trip to Kuwait? But that is only possible if you obtain your Kuwait tourist visa now. If you have any questions regarding the tourist visa please feel free to connect without any hesitation because we are here just to help you and solve their queries. 

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