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The oil rich nation has much more treasures in it than just oil. The country, Kuwait is a perfect holiday destination for many families every year. The country is located in the Persian gulf between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The country is not always the first choice to visit, but its unique history and culture is astonishing. There are more than dozens of tourist attractions across the country that you may enjoy even during a layover. For the layover period, however, you would have to avail a Kuwait transit visa. To know more about what a transit visa means, and how to avail the same, read this article till the end.


There are various Kuwait visa types. People who have a layover in Kuwait only need to avail a visa if they are staying in the country for more than 24 hours. Or, if you are in the need to leave the airport under the 24 hours time period.

The transit visa that is granted is valid for a period of 7 days. In order to avail this, you have to show your journey tickets as a proof. You should only leave the airport if your layover time is more than 4 hours. You can enjoy a lot of leisure activities in the airport if your layover is less than 4 hours.

You should remember that the transit visa is only valid for a period of seven days. You cannot extend your stay after the period gets over. You can check the visa status by passport through Kuwait visa enquiry. However, if you are willing to stay for more than seven days, you can avail one of these visas:

  •         E visa for Kuwait
  •         Kuwait visit visa
  •         Visa on arrival Kuwait

There are certain countries that do not require a visa to visit the country. They are the GCC nations that include:

  •         Oman
  •         Bahrain
  •         Saudi Arabia
  •         Qatar
  •         United Arab Emirates

Additionally, the diplomatic and official passport holders of the certain countries also do not require a visa to visit the country.

Citizens of 54 countries are eligible for the visa on arrival facility for the country. This type of visa is valid for a period of three months and can be obtained either in the immigration counter or by obtaining online. The visitors can also obtain a one month visa to the country if they hold a transport confirmation and are travelling for tourism purpose.  The people who are traveling to the country by air or by land also need to avail a visa beforehand.

The citizens of Ethiopia as well as Israel cannot enter the country; they are banned from entering the country. The country has also banned the travel of citizens from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Bangladesh.   Hence, citizens of these countries cannot avail the transit visa also.

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A layover basically means the time in between your change of flights. For examples: if you have a flight from Delhi to Frankfurt, with a layover in Kuwait. You will have to change flights in Kuwait. The time that you have to wait till you board on to the next flight is called the layover time. For most people layovers are a great way of saving money.

The direct flights are generally costlier than the flights that have a layover. Hence, layovers can be a cost saving method if you do not have any urgency. You will also get to enjoy the country that you have a layover in, hence, making it preferable.

If you are flying in different airlines, you will have to get your bags checked, and pass through the immigration. After that you will have to re check into your next flight. You should know all about the transiting rules of a country before planning a layover. Hence, a transit visa is compulsory which you can get by filling the Kuwait visa application form.

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If you have a layover in Kuwait, you can enjoy these activities and visit these places:


If you want some time for shopping you can visit this mall. We all know how shopping acts as a therapy, and Avenues mall is the perfect place for it. It is also known for being one of the largest malls in the world. It has 1100 shops that are separated over a total of 12 districts. All the 12 districts are inspired by architectural themes. This is the best place to spend your day shopping or even eating your heart out at one of the restaurants.


This is the most visited places in the country. The place consist a total of three towers which were built in 1979. The basic purpose of these towers was to distribute water.

The main tower has two spheres and is 187m high. The upper sphere consists of a lounge as well as a café, and the lower one holds water. The second tower serves as a water tower which is 147m high. The third tower controls the electrical flow and also provides light to the other two towers.

The three towers can be easily spotted through the city of Kuwait and is the major tourist attraction.


This is a telecommunication tower that is 372 m high. This is also the second tallest structure in the country. The construction was started even before Iraq invaded Kuwait. The construction was put on hold while the invasion was taking place. The tower was later named as liberation tower to showcase Kuwait’s liberation from Iraq.  It was completed in 1993.

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Q. Can I obtain a transit visa if I have a two hour layover?

It is advised to stay at the airport only if your layover time is less than 4 hours. This precaution should be taken as the formalities before boarding the second flight might take some time. So, you cannot get a transit visa if your layover time is just for two hours.

Q. After I get my transit visa, how long would I be able to stay in the country?

The transit visa is valid for a period of seven days. After the validity gets over, you need to leave the country, positively. Or else, you can be faced with heavy fines and penalties.

Q. Is Kuwait safe for women?

Yes, the country is considered safe. However, you need to follow some basic precautions. Avoid visiting crowded places, avoid talking and getting friendly with strangers, make sure to trust only a few people only. Also, remember that it is a conservative country; hence, you should dress accordingly and follow the rules and regulations.

The country is a perfect treat to the eyes and if you have a layover for more than 24 hours, do not miss to get the Kuwait transit visa and unravel the beauty of this country.

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