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There are a few numbers of countries that came under the policy of Kuwait visa-exempt countries. Do you know what the meaning of Kuwait visa-exempt countries is? No!!!! So what we are here to answer your questions. Kuwait visa-exempt countries mean that now the countries which fall in the list of Kuwait visa-exempt countries don’t have to get a visa. They can travel anywhere in the country without getting a visa. In simpler words, no citizens of few countries get the facilities of traveling to Kuwait without a visa, or we can say freely. 

You should feel lucky if your country falls in the list of the visa exempt countries and you have been dreaming of traveling to Kuwait. And why not to seek it as a blessing if you are a trip lover. Your efforts will be consumed less as compared to the other tourists who have to get a visa for visiting Kuwait. You don't have to stand in those long queues now as you are free from the rule to get a visa before visiting. You can say that it is very tough to get a visa if we try to get it from the embassy. Well, don’t you think that traveling without any worries of getting a visa will make your trip more fun-loving and adventurous?  

Visa-exempt countries

Foreign nationals of a few countries do not require any kind of visa to visit Kuwait whether they want to visit Kuwait for the business purpose or they have planned an adventurous trip to Kuwait. It's absolutely up to you which trip you plan but this is fabulous news for you because now you don't have to get any kind of visa if you belong to the following nations or you hold the citizenship of the below countries. 

●      Bahrain

●      Oman

●      Qatar

●      Saudi Arabia

●      United Arab Emirates

Non-Ordinary passport holders 

Apart from the above countries, there are other times as well when you can visit Kuwait without any visa processing. If you are a non-ordinary Passport holder it means if you have the passport which is only given to the special person of a country like to the prime ministers, ministers, officers, and many more. But this facility is also given to the Limited number of countries which are given below:

Albania Germany Pakistan Switzerland France Honduras
Algeria Peru Tajikistan Greece Philippines Hungary
Azerbaijan Turkey Itay Bangladesh India Portugal
Ukraine Iraq Bulgaria Ireland Romania United kingdom
Mexico Cyprus Malta Russia Vietnam Poland
China Mongolia Serbia Armenia Spain Egypt
Morocco South Korea Estonia Uzbekistan    

Frequently asked questions

Q. What do you mean by Visa exemption?

Visa exemption is a program that was launched by the Kuwait government where nationals of specific countries can visit Kuwait without getting a visa or we can say without applying for a visa. Countries that can travel in Kuwait for business-related work, tourism, or the transit side without worrying about visas because the Kuwait government was the citizen of those countries to travel freely. 

Q. Is it possible to convert the currency when I arrive at Kuwait Airport?

Yes, you can easily convert your currency at any of the ports in Kuwait. Kuwait provides you with an easy facility to convert your currency. 

Q. Is it important to get health insurance before I visit Kuwait?

Well, it is not necessary to get your health insurance but you should get one for the safety purpose in case you are not medically fit. Because in case you get sick during the change of weather or you meet a sudden accident then and your health insurance will make all your treatment payments for you.

Q. I am a non-ordinary passport holder and want to visit Kuwait with my family. Can my family members come along with me without having a visa?

No, it is not possible at any cost for you to come along with your family if they are not holding any kind of visa. If you want to visit Kuwait with your family and you have an ordinary passport you have to get a visa for your family because they do not have non-ordinary passports and they are just with you. 

Q. For how long can citizens with visa-exempt countries stay in Kuwait?

Citizens of visa-exempt countries are allowed to stay in Kuwait for 90 days; they have to leave the country. If they desire to stay in the country they can exit and enter again.


This is exciting and good news for the citizens of the country which fall in the list of Kuwait visa-exempt countries. As they can travel freely anytime when they wish to. Do you want to know whether you fall on the list of the visa exempt countries or not? Then you should read this article. If you wish to know more about Kuwait Visa policy then follow the link behind the Kuwait Visa policy. 

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