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Once you are done with the Kuwait visa application form and all the documents then you start worrying about when you will get your Kuwait visa and what is the current status of your Kuwait visa. These questions are common and are asked by every individual who applies for an online visa. 

These questions only keep Haunting you with the thought of whether you have invested your money in a right please or you have been fooled by a fake website. Being Human we double-check each and everything we purchased whether offline or online. When it comes to online purchasing of the product of the services we become more conscious as we don't know whether the service provider is authentic or not.

But we still satisfy ourselves by checking the reviews of the website and by checking the authenticity stickers provided by the government but some people are not aware of the techniques of checking the authenticity of the website. Because of which they feel Worried until they get a visa in their hand. But fortunately, if you are reading this article then you don't have to worry about all these problems because you are with a tourist visa online the most authentic and trustable website and this is not just saying because we true was set up by providing the facility to track you Kuwait Visa status online just by following few simple steps.


Now you will be thinking that how is it possible to track Kuwait Visa status online so let us tell you that it is the easiest thing to track your visa. You are only required to track your visa status. Are you excited to know what those two things are? To know about those two things you have to read the below article carefully. 

Two things that can help you to track your Kuwait visa status online

Application ID

The application ID is a specific ID that is given to every individual who applies for the Kuwait Visa online by using tourist visa online services. There are no chances that your application ID matches the application ID of someone else because one application ID is issued only once. The application ID is given on the application form on your submission.

Passport Number

A passport number is issued to the individual on his passport. It is a unique 9 digit number that you find on the top right of your passport. You can also find your passport number on the bottom left of your passport. With the help of this passport number, you can check your visa status easily.

Well, now you may be thinking about how these two will help you to track your visa status. There is a process that you have to follow after which you will be able to track your visa status.

Process of tracking visa status

Step 1 - If you are ready with your application ID and passport number that's great but if not then search for your application ID and passport number as soon as possible.

Step 2 - Go On where you find an option named as to track your visa status.

Step 3 - As you will click on that option you will find blank columns displayed on your screen. it is specified in which column you have to fill your application ID and in which column you are required to fill your passport number so you will not find any difficulty in that.

Step 4 - Now you have to fill your application ID and application number correspondingly.

Step 5 - You will be automatically redirected to a page when you fill all the details required and click on the option submit. the page you are redirected you will find all the details of your visa status over there. 

It is very simple to understand processing status if there is no such difficult language of Technical language used. 

An alternate way of tracking your visa status

  • Well, we provide an alternate way also to track your visa status if you are unable to find your visa status with the help of the above procedure. 
  • When you have successfully submitted all your documents and you are done with the visa fees you will be sent a mail from the team of tourist visa online in which you find a link which will redirect you to the page where you can track your visa status easily without using your application number and your passport number. 
  • So, you can use anyone the way to track your visa status at your convenience.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can a visa be rejected? 

A. Yes, a visa can be rejected in many cases like if you have not filled your document properly your details that you have filled don't match your passport details. That is why we always say to fill your details accurately to avoid facing these circumstances. 

Q. How can the document be attested if applying for an online visa?

A. Well, self-attesting is very important when you are applying for an online visa. You can attest your documents by signing on each document when you submit using online services.

Q. If I check my visa status will there be any effect of it on my visa?

A. No, there is no such effect on your visa if you track your visa status because it is just a service that is being provided for the convenience of the customers. 



Whenever you plan to visit Kuwait you must get your visa before your travel because Kuwait allows only a few countries to enter without Visa. So if you want to know whether you can visit Kuwait without Visa or not you can have a look at Kuwait Visa policy. After you check your eligibility criteria to Kuwait you can check which visa you should apply for as per your planning and your purpose of visit.

Which is only possible if you check Kuwait Visa types. After which you can apply for Kuwait Visa easily and to facilitate your travel to Kuwait and to make your convenience we have provided the facility to check your visa status online by following a few simple steps. So what are you waiting for if you have already applied for your Kuwait Visa? That's great, now you have the answer to the question of how to track Kuwait visa status and know what the current status of your visa is. 

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