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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Kuwait?Then you should make your thoughts turn into reality. Don't you want to make your dreams come true?But to visit Kuwait you must know so many things about the Visa policy. But if you're not yet aware of the Kuwait Visa policy. Don't be worried about it because it's just a matter of a few seconds as of now you can understand about the Kuwait Visa policy just by reading this article with full attention.?

Before we head towards the Visa policy of Kuwait let me just tell you some of the things about Kuwait that will Mesmerize your heart and force you to visit and see the beauty in your eyes.?Kuwait is one of the Arabic countries which is located in the Middle East Persian Gulf. Due to the rich resources of oil, the country has one of the greatest economies in the world. Kuwait is Famous because of its modern architecture. The tall buildings touch the height of the sky with some of the unique towers from where you can feel yourself on the clouds.?

You'll find some of the amazing masterpieces like classically designed water towers. Well, we know that after hearing all of these amazing places and amazing things about Kuwait you must be super excited to plan your trip. But wait!!!! For visiting Kuwait you have to get the all Visa. Do you have one? If no, no issues. We will help you to get your visa for visiting Kuwait.

Do you know that you are eligible to visit Kuwait or not? If not then what are you waiting to read the below content where you will find all the details regarding which countries are eligible to get the visa for Kuwait and which countries can visit Kuwait without getting a Visa.?

Visa-exempt countries to Kuwait

Foreign Nationals who belonged to the following countries do not require any visa to enter Kuwait. You can enter Kuwait just with your passport. There is no photo requirement if you get any kind of Visa.

Visa-exempt countries to Kuwait
Afghanistan Albania Algeria Angola Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda
Bahrain Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates .

Non-ordinary passport holders

Holders of Diplomatic & official passports do not require any kind of passport. Check if you are eligible to enter Kuwait.

Albania Germany Pakistan Switzerland France Honduras
Algeria Peru Tajikistan Greece Philippines Hungary
Azerbaijan Turkey Itay Bangladesh India Portugal
Ukraine Iraq Bulgaria Ireland Romania United kingdom
Mexico Cyprus Malta Russia Vietnam Poland
China Mongolia Serbia Armenia Spain Egypt
Morocco South Korea Estonia Uzbekistan . .

Visa on Arrival / e-visa

Foreign Nationals who can enter the country by getting a? Visa on arrival or EVisa? Falls in the list of the following countries.

All European Union Citizens Iceland Singapore Andorra Japan South Korea
Australia Laos Switzerland Bhutan Liechtenstein Turkey
Brunei Malaysia Ukraine Canada New Zealand United States
Georgia Norway Vatican city Hong Kong San Marino Vietnam
Serbia Cambodia(e visa) Eswatini . . .

Countries which are restricted to enter Kuwait?

Foreign nationals of the following countries are restricted from entering Kuwait.

Ethiopia Israel Afghanistan Bangladesh Iran Iraq?
Syria Yemen . . . .

2016 one more decision was taken by the government of Kuwait in which it was made clear that foreign individuals who visited the country for the religious tourism will be banned in the period of Ramzan, mainly the countries which were included in the decisions are given below

  1. Syria
  2. Jordan
  3. Yemen
  4. Iraq

Well keeping in mind the current situation of the pandemic after runner virus the Government of Kuwait has put a temporary ban on the visit of the citizens of China who are having ordinary passports along with that Republic of Hong Kong who SAR passport holders also restricted to enter the country till further orders. This decision was taken by the government keeping in the vast spreading of COVID-19.?

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do citizens of the United Arab Emirates require a visa to visit Kuwait?

No, the citizens of the United Arab Emirates do not require a visa to visit Kuwait as the Fall in the list of visa-exempt countries that do not require any Visa to visit Kuwait.

Q. Can a US citizen work in Kuwait?

Yes, a US citizen can work in Kuwait but he or she should have a valid passport of 6 months so that he can apply for the employment visa for all the work visas of the visit. When I receive the improvement of the work visa work of Kuwait they will be eligible to work in Kuwait.?

Q. Why do Non-Ordinary passport holders not require a visa for Kuwait?

Non-ordinary passport holders do not require a visa for Kuwait as they fall in the special category. Generally, non-ordinary passport holders are the individuals who are related to the government officials or the individuals who are the special person of a certain country like the Prime Minister.

Q. What is article 18 C in Kuwait?

Article 18 C in Kuwait means that individuals who are citizens of another country but enter Kuwait for working purposes are granted a work permit under the Kuwait work visa. An official stamp is stamped on his/her passport residence. An individual who is holding a visa under article 18 C will have to pay an amount of 50KD for health insurance and a 10KD residence visa fee every year.?

Q. I want to get a permanent residence in Kuwait. How can I get it?

If you want to get a permanent residency in Kuwait and you are not a GCC resident then you should have an iqama which means permanent residence. If any individual is found in Kuwait for not having permanent residence will be deposited back to their country. They can also be charged a higher amount as the fine because it is a punishable offense to live in the country permanently with an iqama.?

Q. What is the legal working age in Kuwait?

The legal working age in Kuwait is 18 and above.?

Q. How can I check my eligibility Criteria For visiting Kuwait?

If you want to visit Kuwait and are unaware of the fact that you can travel or not then you need to check your eligibility criteria. Well, this can be done very easily if you follow our instructions.?

You have to read the Kuwait Visa policy In which you'll find the list of the different countries which are categorized under different headings. If you find the name of your country in the visa-free countries or Visa-exempt countries or visa on arrival Visa countries then you are eligible to apply. Otherwise, you cannot visit Kuwait.

Q. What do you mean by visa-exempt countries in Kuwait visa policy?

Please extend countries in the Kuwait Visa policy means the countries which can enter Kuwait without any kind visa are free to travel in the countries.

Q. What are the requirements to get a Kuwait Visa?

It is very important to know about the Kuwait visa requirements when you are applying for your Kuwait visa. So, if you want to know in detail about the Kuwait Visa requirement then click here.?

Q. How can I apply for a Kuwait Visa??

Applying for a Kuwait visa is not at all a difficult process; you just have to follow a few simple steps and there you go. To know more about the complete process of applying for a Kuwait visa you can read the article by following the link.?

Q. Is it possible to track the Kuwait Visa status?

Yes, you can track a Kuwait Visa status if you apply for your visa from a tourist visa online and that's a simple process. Tourist visa online provides you with the facility to track your Visa status Because we believe in complete transparency of Visa processing.?


Before visiting Kuwait you should have a look at the Kuwait visa policy and all your doubts regarding your entry in Kuwait will be vanished. It is very often that you plan to visit the country without having a look at their visa policy which can be the problem for you. Tourist visas online have successfully delivered Kuwait visas for years across the world. To apply for a Kuwait visa, connect with us.?

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