How to fill up Kuwait visa application

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We will be discussing the Kuwait visa for passengers. The different kinds of visas are tourist visas, work visas, transit visas, and entrance visas. Before applying for any visa check the requirements for the visa. The requirements for a visa may vary from type to type.

Kuwait visa online application:

The process for a tourist visa online application has four steps. The first one is to apply for the visa and then do the payment for the visa. Then submit the required documents and finish the process. Then the visa sent through the mail.

Kuwait visa types:

There are many kinds available in Kuwait visas. You can select any visa based on the need. The types are tourist visas, visit visas, residence visas, transit visas, and entrance visas. We will discuss every visa in detail along with the requirements.
The tourist visa is for passengers who want to explore Kuwait by visiting tourist places. The e- visa is also available for passengers to book visas online. By getting this visa they can have a stay period in Kuwait for 3 months (90 days). This passenger can enter and exit the country only one time using this visa. The online application process is very effortless work. You just need to enter the details and documents asked for on the website and click proceed or submit option. The asked details are from the passport and personal documents like bank certificates, and photos. This Kuwait visa application is uncomplicated and done anywhere in the world. If the required documents are with you then the process takes less than fifteen to thirty minutes (15-30). This is for people who can’t directly visit the embassies for getting a Kuwait visa. The process for the visa takes about two to three working days. The applicant must check the mails very often as they send visas in mails.

Kuwait Visit Visa

The Kuwait visit visa is the next type of Kuwait visa. This visa is for passengers who visit Kuwait by getting sponsorship from the Kuwait organization. Not only that even the resident of Kuwait invite relatives to visit Kuwait. To get the visit visa, the passenger must fax a copy of the sponsor document. The sponsor can submit the visa papers in the arrival hall allotted with special counters. The passenger can collect the documents in the same place as the immigration center. As they accept only the original papers and documents for procedures followed. The visa can take about two to three working days the processing.

Types of Visit Visa 

There are 2 types of visit visas where the documents required are different. The first is the visit visa for business purposes. For this visa, the passenger for sure should have a sponsor. The sponsor of the Kuwait companies should fill the security and the visit via application forms. They must submit few document copies along with that. They are the copies of the passenger's passport, a document signed by the sponsor stating the business purpose and, the invitation letter for business. The other one is the visit visa for the relatives. This is only given to people who are immediate family. They can be parents, spouse, and children. The resident of Kuwait can invite the mentioned members to visit them. 
There are different documents asked for passengers who use this visit visa. They are the proof for the relation like the birth or marriage certificates.  The passenger passport copy, the resident ID, and the sponsor income certificate copies are also required. These are the documents required for getting the visit visa. The family visit visa process for the people. They need to visit the embassy of Kuwait and submit the documents needed. Then the application filling is important and pays the amount for the visa as required.

Kuwait Transit Visa

The next is the Kuwait transit visa. They can get this visa online or through the Kuwait port authority. For getting the transit visa you need to submit the required documents along with the onward ticket. The valid period for the transit visa is a maximum of 1 week (7 days). There are different transit visas available in Kuwait. The transit visas are 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours.

Kuwait Entrance Visa

The next is the Kuwait entrance visa. This is for the employee of the civil and government sectors. The documents required for as the following. The civil ID of the sponsor copy needed along with a copy of the applicant's passport. The applicant’s passport income certificate is a must. The contract details of the company’s details are also needed. Proof of the marriage certificate is also required for submission. The salary for the people should not be less than the required amount. The process for getting the visa is you need to visit the immigration center. Do submit the requirements and fill the application form and do the required amount.


The process for the application online for the visa is important. The different kinds of visas are also explained along with the details. The purposes for getting the visa and the requirements for every visa are also mentioned clearly.

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