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Famous for its scuba diving, Papua New Guinea is a place you might not want to miss this summer! This is why Tourist Visa Online will be sharing with you the most important piece of information and that is about the visa policy of Papua New Guinea. This visa policy which consists of a set of rules must be followed by everyone who wants to apply for a visa to this destination. So if you do plan on going for a trip to this place, you might as well take a look at the policies that will help you understand the customs of the country. 

Papua New Guinea more commonly known as the Independent State of Papua New Guinea is a sovereign state located in Oceania. This country is one of the world’s largest island country. This country has about 851 languages spoken in total out of which there are about 11 which are still unknown. This country is also one of the least explored places in the world. When we talk about the least exposed it includes both culturally and geographically. This is why not only does this country has a large amount of flora and fauna which are still unidentified but this country also has a large population of people who have not been explored yet. 


Some facts about Papua New Guinea:

  • This country was under the rule of Australia and became independent only in 1975.
  • This country has a lot of dense forests where you can take your adventure to. You can also find some beautiful seas for your trip. 
  • Papua New Guineas population accounts for about 8.606 million people. 
  • A bird lover can find a Hooded Pitohui which is one of the world’s most poisonous birds. 
  • A tropical climate is the best thing about this place which makes a lot of tourists to want to travel to this country. 
  • There are exports of gold, oil, copper ore, and logs that are conducted to other foreign countries. 
  • This country also has some of the agricultural growths which include growing of coffee, coconuts, and plan kernels. 

A journey without a  Papua New Guinea Visa is definitely not possible especially if you are from a foreign country. This visa is should be taken by one of the Papua New Guinea diplomatic missions that are located near you. You need not take one form these diplomatic missions if you are eligible for a visa on arrival or an e visa facility. This means you can either apply for a visa through an online method or you can get this visa once you arrive. The diplomatic missions are options only for those who do not belong to either of the categories. 

Visa on arrival at Papua New Guinea:

While you can travel to Papua New Guinea and take a Papua New Guinea Visa On Arrival, not everyone can do so, and hence here’s a list of people who can actually apply for a visa once they arrive at either Port Moresby or Tokua.

The list of eligibility can be given as follows:

All European Union citizens Andorra Australia Brazil Brunei
Canada Chile Ecuador Fiji Hong Kong
Iceland Iceland Israel Japan Kiribati
Liechtenstein Macau Malaysia Maldives Marshall Islands
Mexico Micronesia Monaco Nauru New Zealand
Norway Palau Peru Philippines Samoa
San Marino Singapore Solomon Islands South Korea Switzerland
Taiwan Tonga Tonga United States Unites Kingdom
Uruguay  Uruguay  Vatican City    

All of the above-listed countries can get their visas applied after they arrive. This visa will be valid for a total of 60 days after which the visa can also be extended. But this extension will require a fee to be paid by any of the eligible citizens. This visa on arrival facility will also be applicable for the residents of French and Dutch territories in the Caribbean. The citizens of Australia can get this visa applied for 30 days if they arrive through Gurney Airport and Mount Hagen Airport. 

A visa exemption was also allowed to the diplomatic passport holders who belonged to China. This was signed on the 17th of November 2018 and has not been put into effect yet. 

The other passport holders such as the service, public affairs, and ordinary sectors from china who will be travelling under authorized tour groups can also get a visa on arrival. These tour groups, however, must be identified by the Tourism Promotion Authority. 

The visa on arrival policy was apparently cancelled on the 30th of October 2018 due to the APEC Papua New Guinea 2018 summit. However, this visa on arrival was again started on the 1st of December 2018. It was in June 2019 that the announcement about other new 20 countries would also be eligible for an e Visa. The Australian passport holders, however, will not be eligible to get a visa on arrival for business purposes. 


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E visa facilities for foreigner:

It was in November 2018, that the countries had been made eligible to get an e visa. The countries that are eligible to get this visa can be given as follows:

Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Belize Botswana
China Dominica Grenada Guyana India
Jamaica Kenya Lesotho Mauritius Namibia
Russia Rwanda Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Seychelles South Africa Trinidad and Tobago Vietnam Zambia

All of the above-listed countries can get a visa valid for 30 days through an online method. Apart from these countries, the ones who are eligible for a visa on arrival can also apply for the e visa. 

APEC Business travel card visa opportunities:

Some of the eligible citizens of the countries that will be listed below and are holders of a passport and an APEC Business travel card which contains the “PNG” code can get a visa-free entry into Papua New Guinea. The list of countries that are eligible can be given as follows:

Australia Brunei Chile China Hong Kong
Indonesia Japan South Korea Malaysia Mexico
New Zealand.  Peru Philippines Russia Singapore
Taiwan Thailand Thailand    

All of the countries that have been mentioned above can get this visa-free travel. This travel will allow the citizens to stay for about 60 days after the entry. 

It has also been noticed that the most travel to Papua New Guinea was made by the citizens of Australia according to the number of visitors that were recorded each year. The Philippines came in at second place while china came in at third place as the maximum number of visitors. However, despite the high number of travellers from around the world, there has still been a lot left to discover by the tourists around the world which give a wide scope of tourism in this country. 


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Q. Is there a way to apply for a visa if I am not a part of both the visa on arrival list and the e visa eligibility list?

Yes, definitely you can apply for your visa through a Papua New Guinea diplomatic mission that is located near you. 

Q. Will an embassy takes a longer period of time to get a Papua New Guinea visa issued than that if applied through an online site?

Yes, there are quite some extra formalities that you need to fulfil when you apply through an embassy which takes up a lot of time as compared to the other forms. 

Q. Is it possible to get a visa on arrival at Papua New Guinea if I’m an Indian citizen?

No, if you are from India then you cannot get a visa on arrival at Papua New Guinea. However, you can apply for a visa through an online method. 

Q. How many days can I stay if I get a visa on arrival at Papua New Guinea?

If you take a visa on arrival you can stay for a total of 60 days in Papua New Guinea. However, you will probably have to check the validity before travelling. 

Q. Is it that I have to take a visa before I go to Papua New Guinea?

Well, it depends on which nation you are from. Some can apply for a visa after they arrive while others can get a visa before they travel. So you need to check the eligibility before you plan your travel. 

Q. Is there no visa-free travels allowed to Papua New Guinea?

Apart from those who hold a diplomatic passport from china or hold an APEC business travel card, there are no other people who can travel visa-free to this country according to the visa policy of Papua New Guinea. 

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