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Well if you are travelling to Papua New Guinea, then you might as well note down the details about the Papua New Guinea visa cost. This will help you get an idea about how much to spend and on which factor you need to spend more. This is not only helpful in planning your budget but will also help you save you some money. This is why Tourist Visa Online will help you get a better idea about the visa cost and how they are actually applied when you select a visa type. 


Q. Why is knowing the cost of visa important?

Yes knowing the cost of the visa is quite important because that is how you come to know how much do you actually need to pay. The fact that nowadays people just take out money from their pockets and just blindly pay has made it difficult to save money efficiently. By knowing this visa cost you will not be scammed into paying some extra and also you will be able to ave some if you know the exact rate. 

Q. Are the charges different if I apply for the same visa type through an embassy?

Yes, the rates will be different even if you apply through an embassy as compared to when you apply for a visa through an online medium. When you apply through the png embassy they will charge you some extra for the documents being attached, they will also make some money from you to check the validity of the visa or maybe even for just checking that all the details are correct. While when you apply through online you need not worry about such problems arising. This means you can easily apply for a visa and the cost mentioned to you will only be the exact visa cost. 


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Q. There have been service fees that are hiked when applying through online is that true?

While service fees are important as a company needs some funds to process the visa, the hike in the service fee is probably due to the new advancements in the visa processing. This is unavoidable and hence a hike can be noticed. However, if you are applying through Tourist Visa Online, it is definitely not because of the personal needs that the service fees are listed. It is just that the processing needs this money. 

Q. What are the options that tourist visa online gives when applying for a Papua New Guinea visa?

When you will be selecting a Papua New Guinea visa you will get two options that can be mentioned as follows:

  • Tourist visa for 60 days
  • Business visa for 30 days. 

Q. How much does it cost for both the visa types?

For tourist visa which will be valid for 60 days, you will have t pay an amount of 15.0 US dollars while for a business visa which will be valid for 30 days you will have to pay a sum of 230.0 US dollars. 

Q. Will there be options for processing as well?

Yes, you can get two options based on your needs. The two options can be given as follows:

  • A standard visa processing option: this option is the one that most people go for. This will also have a service fee that will be dependent on the countries that you apply from. 
  • An emergency visa processing option: this is an option that is selected by people who wants to travel to Papua New Guinea in an emergency situation. This visa will have a service fee of about 200.0 US dollars along with the initial visa fees. 

Q. Is it possible to get the visa in about two days when selecting a standard visa processing option?

No, while it won’t be possible for getting a visa in about two days through a standard visa processing option you can get the visa through the emergency visa processing option as the standard one will require about four to five days. 


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Q. What will be the best time to apply for a Papua New Guinea visa?

As tourist visa online will take about four to five days to get the visa issued to you, you will have to apply for the visa at least about a week before so that you will get the visa just right on time for your trip. 

Q. Is there a possibility that a visa will never be delivered?

If it is about the delivery that you are worried about then you need not worry as this visa that will be issued to you will be sent through a mail and not by post and hence you can access the visa no matter where you are. 

With these Papua New Guinea visa cost options you can n decide which one to apply for!

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