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When travelling to Papua New Guinea one thing that is a must-add in your travel list is your visa and this cannot be avoided under any circumstances. But here’s the thing getting a visa will only be possible if you get to know about the Papua New Guinea visa document requirements. If you get to know all of the details about this you will definitely be able to get the visa issued for right away. This is exactly why Tourist Visa Online has you got you covered with all the information that you want to know about. 

When applying for a Papua New Guinea visa you need to have all the documents which will keep on changing with the type of visa you select. Hence to know about the visa documents you need to be first sure about which type you are going to apply. After you have decided you will be able to get a complete list of which documents you require. 


General document list for a Papua New Guinea visa

There is a general list when it comes to visas and it will be no different when you apply for a Papua New Guinea visa. This general list can be given as follows:

  • An application form: this application form for a visa becomes one of the integral parts of the visa application process. This is because this application must be filled in with the utmost care. There should be not even a single mistake when you submit the form. This is the document with which the others will be attached. 
  • A passport: this will be the next document and the scan must also be attached along with the form. This passport must have six months worth validity while you enter the country. 
  • Photographs: photographs must be attached to the form so that you will be identifiable when you cross the border. This photograph attached will be a passport-sized one and must also have a good resolution when being sent. 
  • Booking details: be it a flight booking or a hotel booked in Papua New Guinea a scan of both the documents must be attached with the application form.


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This sums up the general list now let’s move on to the next part where you will get to know about particular visa types and their document requirements:

1. Document required for Papua New Guinea visitor visa:

You will have four different options in the visitor visa types which will be based on your purpose of visit and these four options can be given as follows:

A. tourist visa: 

This visa will require all of the documents just as stated in the general requirements. Apart from this, the applicant must also submit evidence of funds in order to get the visa issued. 

B. journalist visa: 

A journalist visa application will be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Letter from sponsoring organization along with a list of equipment that will be bought in to the country. 
  • Approval from OIC Media Unit. 

C. sportsperson visa: 

This visa will require a letter of invitation from the relevant Papua New Guinea sporting body to be submitted along with the application form. 

D. filmmaker visa: 

This visa will require approval from NFI which should be obtained before lodgement of application through a travel agency. 

2. Documents required for Papua New Guinea business visa:

This visit can be for either a short term visitor for a long term stay. The following documents will be needed to be attached in either of the cases:

  • A recommendation letter from the company that states all about the visit including what the purpose is, how long you will be staying, where is the business being held, and how many times you will be visiting the country. 
  • A letter of invitation provided by the company located in Papua New Guinea. 

3. Documents required for Papua New Guinea employment visa:

The following documents will be attached:

  • A recommendation letter from the company
  • A work permit that has been issued from DLIR
  • Declaration form about responsibilities
  • Medical examination certificate
  • Criminal record clearance certificate

4. Documents required for a Papua New Guinea official visit visa:

This visa will be given to officials and the following documents will be required:

  • Letter from foreign government employer stating your purpose of visit and the duration. 


Q. What if some of the documents are found missing while submitting the application?

If you have not submitted the application and are checking the requirements then you can still add them while if the application has already been submitted then you will have to reapply for the visa. 

Q. Will all of these documents be necessary for those who will travel without a visa?

No, these documents will only be for those who will be applying for a visa. The other document that a person without a visa must carry is a passport. 

Q. Is there a possibility that the documents list can change?

While the Papua New Guinea visa document requirements will remain the same for most of the countries, there are possibilities that the requirements can change based on circumstances. 

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