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You can Apply Papua New Guinea visa now just by arriving at the airport. This means that you no longer need to wait to get your visa issued to you. Now with the help of Papua New Guinea visa on arrival facility, the countries that can apply for one will directly be able to fly to the country and then get a visa. This, however, is not an opportunity that all can avail. This is why those who can avail will get to take the visa by just reading out the information provided by Tourist visa online


Q. What is a Papua New Guinea visa on arrival?

This is one of the facilities that are provided by the country of Papua New Guinea. In this facility, all you need to do is carry some documents which re required and then fly to your destination. And once you reach you can then apply for a visa no matter what type you need. The process will be completed at the airport itself and then you can easily get the visa issued for yourself and stay in Papua New Guinea just like any other visa that allows a stay. 

Q. Is there a list of countries that can avail of this facility?

Yes, there is a list of countries that can avail this facility and the list can be given as follows:

All European Union citizens Andorra Argentina Australia Brazil
Brunei Canada Chile Ecuador Fiji
Hong Kong Iceland Indonesia Israel Japan
Kiribati Liechtenstein Macau Malaysia Maldives
Marshal islands Mexico Micronesia Monaco Nauru
New Zealand Norway Palau Peru Philippines
Samoa San Marino Singapore Solomon islands South Korea
Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tonga United Kingdom
United States Uruguay Vanuatu Vatican city  

All of these mentioned countries can avail of the visa on arrival facility. 

Q. What is the time period for which the people who obtain a visa on arrival can stay in Papua New Guinea?

The visa on arrival allows the people of the mentioned countries to stay for about 60 days in the country. 

Q. Is an extension possible on this visa issued through a visa on arrival facility?

Yes, you can definitely get your visa extended through an extension application. This extension, however, needs you to pay a definite amount to get it issued. 

Q. Through which airports can I get the visa availed?

You can get the visa availed through two airports namely, Port Moresby and Tokua. 

Q. Is it possible to get an e visa if I don’t want to wait at the airport?

Yes, you can definitely apply for an e visa provided that you are eligible for a visa on arrival. If you are not eligible for a visa on arrival then you will have to be eligible for an e visa itself to get the visa availed to you. 

Q. Are there any documents that I need to show for a visa on arrival facility?

Apart from being from an eligible country, you will also have to show some of the documents including a passport r an identity card. Apart from this document, you will also have to carry all other documents which will be required for you to obtain a particular type of visa. 

Q. What if a visa on arrival has been denied to me?

If a visa on arrival has been denied to you, then it is probably because you are not eligible for the visa or you did not carry some of the important documents that had to be submitted.

Q. What is a better option, is it applying for a visa on arrival or applying for a visa through an online method?

A better option would be applying through online method and this can be supported by some of the points that will show the difference between the two:

Visa on arrival:

  • Waiting in line for hours
  • Having the visa issued in about 6 to 8 hours, this means that you cannot leave the airport even after you have reached your destination till you get your visa. 
  • Have to carry all the documents to get your visa applied for. 

Visa through the online method:

  • No need of waiting in line, just apply from home
  • No need of waiting at the airport upon arrival, just show the visa and exit the airport after you reach your destination
  • No need to carry all the documents as you can apply for the visa at your home itself. 

Q. Can people who are residents but not citizens get this visa facility?

Not all can avail of the Papua New Guinea visa on arrival facility, only those residents who have passports of French and Dutch territories, Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands can avail of this facility. 

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