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Applying for a visa can definitely be trouble! Especially if you have no idea about which visa you want to apply for. To help you with this particular matter, we at Tourist visa online have gathered out some of the information that will help you get an idea about all of the Papua New Guinea visa types that you need to know about before you start the application. This also includes all of the details about their subtypes which will be for a specific purpose. This list of visas will make your application work easier as well! This also means that you need not stress out about the type of visa which will be suitable for your travel!


1. Papua New Guinea visit visa:

This visa ranges right from some of the personal visits to family visits done to Papua New Guinea. This visa can be obtained through visa on arrival for all the eligible countries and also gives a multi-entry opportunity that the citizens can make use of. You can also apply for extensions after the visa will expire. 

Subtypes of visit visa can be given as follows:

A.  Visitor visa:

This visa is for those people who want to visit Papua New Guinea for having a leisure time which may include going on a holiday, having a recreational or spiritual time in Papua New Guinea, enjoying the sightseeing in the country. This visa can also be used to visiting your family and friends. This visa allows a stay of 60 days in the country. 

B. Sports purpose visa:

This visa is issued to those individuals who will be travelling to Papua New Guinea for a sporting event that is being conducted in the country. It can be an event or even a competition. This visa is normally used by individuals who are professionals in the sports field and attend such a sports meeting for some promotional or development purposes. This visa issued to the individual will let them stay for as long as the event goes on. 

C. Filmmaker visa which is not for commercial purposes:

This visa is provided to individuals who are from a foreign country and would like to shoot some sort of documentaries or films which are not used for commercial purposes. This visa will allow the person to stay for a period until the project is still on. 


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2. Papua New Guinea business visa:

One of the most common types of visas that a lot of tourists tend to apply for. This visa allows a foreign national to enter Papua New Guinea to spread business opportunities or to catch on some deals. This visa can also be used to attend some seminars or meetings that are being conducted in the country. The following purposes can be carried out on a business visa to Papua New Guinea:

  • The foreigner can take part in a trade mission that has been recognized by the Papua New Guinea government. 
  • If the foreigner enters the country to sell goods and services related to the business in Papua New Guinea. 
  • The foreigner travel to Papua New Guinea to buy goods and services provided by the company. 
  • To extend support to some of the major projects that have been approved by the Papua New Guinea government. 
  • To carry out business claims with authorized personnel’s residing in the country. 

This business visa is supplied to a foreigner for a stay of a total of 30 days from entry. In case of extension, if there are valid reasons then it can be requested to the foreign affairs administrator in Papua New Guinea. 

3. Papua New Guinea study visa:

This visa will have two different subtypes and can be given as follows:

A. student visa:

This visa is for a student who wishes to finish their education in Papua New Guinea. This visa will be given to a student based on the admission to a university or school. If there has been an invitation letter already been sent by the school or university, then the student can right away apply for the visa. However, if you have not received the same you will have to request for one and then apply for the visa once you get it. Without the availability of this document, the visa cannot be issued to the student. This visa allows a stay until the education purpose has been fulfilled. If there are some unforeseen circumstances that arise the visa can also be extended provided you show all the required documents for an extension. 

B. occupational trainee visa:

This visa is supplied to a foreigner who wishes to undergo training in Papua New Guinea. This can either be an internship or a pre-employment experience that a fresher might require. This visa helps the individuals to take the notch of talent a bit higher than what’s expected. The validity of the visa can be asked for until the purpose has been completed. However, the candidate for this visa must be able to show some financial documents which will prove that the applicant has the capacity to support himself/herself during the entire period of the training. 

4. Papua New Guinea special purpose visa:

This visa is for some of the special purposes and has the following two subtypes that a foreigner can apply for:

A. special exemption visa:

An exemption is supplied for some of the people who will be coming to the country to carry out some of the activities which may or may not be paid ones. The following activities can be conducted with the help of this visa:

  • Has come to Papua New Guinea to carry out duties as a foreign official from another country. 
  • Has come to take up work in Papua New Guinea as an accredited diplomat. 
  • Has come as a part of Melanesian spearhead group
  • If an overseas agency has aided a project in Papua New Guinea and has sent employees for the same. 
  • Foreigner entering Papua New Guinea as a missionary, priest, pastors, and other such religious workers and those who are not engaged in any sort of business activities. 
  • A foreigner wanting to undertake an education, scientific or medical research in Papua New Guinea. 
  • Volunteering at Papua New Guinea under volunteering agencies. 
  • Foreigners entering the country as a part of emergency relief due to a pandemic or a natural disaster. 
  • Teaching at an insinuation in Papua New Guinea.
  • To help with domestic support for the foreign diplomats who will be residing in Papua New Guinea. 

An extension for this type of visa is possible provided the condition is found to be valid. 

B. dependant of Papua New Guinea citizen visa:

This visa is supplied to a foreigner who is a dependant of Papua New Guinea citizens. This can either be a spouse who attains a Papua New Guinea citizenship by marriage or children who cannot financially support themselves while applying for the visa. The holders of this visa once issued cannot engage in any sort of employment activities in Papua New Guinea. This visa will allow the holder to stay temporarily in the country. This visa is a multiple entry visa which is usually valid for a total of five years after the date of arrival. 


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5. Papua New Guinea work visa:

This work visa will have three subtypes based on the purposes and can be given as follows:

A. employment visa:

This working visa Papua New Guinea is supplied for people who are willing to work in Papua New Guinea. This visa will need a submission of a work permit that has been issued by the department of labour and industrial relations. The validity of the visa is according to the work contract that has been signed between the employee and the employer. 

B. Journalist visa:

This visa is used to allow journalists from around the world to enter Papua New Guinea with journalism-related purposes. It is a necessity that a journalist visiting Papua New Guinea with this visa will have to get their visit approved by the Papua New Guinea prime minister’s office and the department of foreign affairs. The validity will also be based on the project duration being carried out in Papua New Guinea. 

C. restricted employment visa:

A foreigner who tends to have some technical expertise and special skills that are not found in Papua New Guinea can apply for this visa. This visa allows a total of four entries along a span of one year. Each entry must not go beyond thirty days of stay in the country. 

6. Papua New Guinea resident visa:

This visa allows a permanent residency to the foreigners who will apply for the visa. This visa will have a longer stay period than any of the other visa types. An extension will also be possible. However, if the visa expires and you do not leave the country there will be additional fines which will be imposed. 


Q. What if I am on an official visit to Papua New Guinea, what type of visa will be the best one?

If you are on an official visit then taking a special exemption visa will be the best choice. 

Q. How to check if I am eligible for a particular type of visa?

You can check the criteria right under the visa description that will help you get to know whether you are eligible for a visa on not based on the purpose of the visit. 

Q. I am confused about which visa will be the best for my trip to Papua New Guinea?

Don’t worry if you are still confused you can talk to our executive who will explain to you about all the Papua New Guinea visa types that will be best for your travel!

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