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If you are planning a trip to New Zealand better known as the sovereign state of the Pacific Ocean, you must go through this guide which will help you make your itinerary with the best places to visit in New Zealand. Just as some people are god gifted with multitudinous talents, so is New Zealand. It appears to be gifted with natural beauty and the essence of life. There is something for everyone in this country. Whether someone loves mountains, caves, beaches, adventure sports, cool cities, rich culture, or even wildlife. New Zealand can never disappoint you.

The landmass of the country is basically divided into two parts namely the North Island and the South Island. 

Here is the list of the best places to visit in New Zealand North Island - 

1. Rafting Through Waitomo Caves - 

If you are someone who loves to go in-depth and explore then this is the right place for you. With the thrilling rafting experience or a guided walk, you can explore the true aura of the limestone caves with the amazing interaction with a special glow worm species exclusively found here. 

2. Save your appetite for Wellington - 

Do you love to eat and experiment with your food? Then Wellington may be a nice option to fulfill all your cravings. Just go through Hannah's Laneway artisanal peanut butter, the most famous salted caramel cookies, or all the seasonal dishes accompanied by your favorite wine which is made organically. 

3. Get to know about Maori Culture - 

Maori culture is very popular in Rotorua which makes it the best place to learn about the culture and rich heritage. You can know more about the history, traditions, and culture in this place. You can also plan a visit during the Te Puja to know about their art forms and cultural performances. 

4. Huka Falls in Taupo -

You can see a lot of waterfalls in the Taupo region of which Huka Falls is the most famous among the tourists. You will get truly amazed by the power of nature and at the same time how calm and cool the water is. Apart from the Huka Falls, the Taupo region also has some other amazing waterfalls named Otupoto Falls and Tieke Falls.

5. A relaxing day at Rotorua's geothermal water-

After a tiring trip to other places, you can come for a relaxing session at Rotorua's geothermal waters. This natural hot water has special therapeutic properties. This place also has some best spa facilities for your wellness and skincare. After a tour through the North Island, you have still a lot to explore in the country.

Here is a list of best places to visit in New Zealand South Island -

1. Hiking in Mount Cook - 

If you are someone who loves hiking or has a heart for mountains, this is the best place for you. You can enjoy a bird's eye view through the air or enjoy the waters surrounding the mountain through a boat. You can also not miss the Mount John Observatory, this place is famous for the starlit skies of the Dark Sky Reserve. 

2. Larnach Castle, Dunedin - 

For someone who loves taking a dive into history and heritage, this is the best place for you. Larnach Castle is the only Australasia's Castle which was built in 1871 by William Larnach. You should not miss the high tea at this place which is hosted at 3 PM. This place will make you feel overwhelmed with a big ballroom, a tower, and an amazing view of the Ostalago Peninsula. 

3. Fiordland National Park - 

Fiordland National Park portrays the splendid Milford and Vacillating Sounds which you can experience by boat, air, or even on foot. You should always keep your camera handy while in this place as there is magic in every bit which you cannot miss to capture. 

4. Witnessing Marlborough Sounds - 

The amazing Marlborough Sounds are over 1,500km from the New Zealand coastline. This place is home to a beautiful bay, great historic sites, marine reserves, and scenic island sanctuaries, which foster some birds like kiwi and other native species of flora and fauna. You can find Cruise or kayak in your way and spot the great variety of wildlife along the way. 

5. Adventures in Queenstown - 

How can you forget Queenstown while planning your itinerary? This place is also recognized as the adventure capital of the world. For all the adventure freek people, this place can make your trip amazingly memorable. From the best bungy jumping and jet boating to quad biking, river surfing, white water rafting, sky diving, canyon swings, and whatnot. You can never get bored with these awesome experiences. 

FAQs - 

  1. When is the best time to visit New Zealand?  

There is no best time to visit New Zealand as you can visit at any time of the year. There is only a 10ºC difference in temperature between the summer and winter season because of which New Zealand is the ideal tourist destination enabling you to visit anytime. 

  1. What kind of nightlife is available in New Zealand?  

Though close to the culture, New Zealand also has a lively DJ and amazing band sessions to make your nightlife experience colorful. 

Apart from these places, there is much more to discover in the country which cannot be mentioned in words. For, experiencing the essence of New Zealand and knowing about why tourists visit New Zealand you need to get a visa which is so simple now, book a flight and just take off.

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