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New Zealand's unrivaled characteristic magnificence is the thing that its distinguishing mark is about. Add to that a fascinating local culture, well-disposed individuals, and an enormous, innovative menu. In this article, we check on all the details related to the New Zealand Visa for Indian Nationals through Tourist Visa Online.

New Zealand's seashores, backwoods, lakes, and mountains are a welcome blessing. Festooned in everyday excellence, every last trace of the nation revels in its ferocity. Step out of the urban areas and into gigantic public parks, investigate the country on a kayak, spread on a seashore of your decision, appreciate a Maori dining experience, or wash down an unforgettable dinner with some specialty lager – New Zealand lays it on a platter for you. Your excursion to this beautiful land can be both brimming with activity or an exceptionally loose and laid back one; you should design your agenda as indicated by your inclination.

Types of New Zealand Visa for Indian Nationals

New Zealand has many kinds of visas, but the most common are listed here.

Tourist Visas: The tourist visa provides for a period of nine months to enter New Zealand. You can visit your family, friends, and relatives or visit the city on your own via this New Zealand route.

Visa for students: Visas for students will be given once you are obtained by the Institute or School and are on campus. The period of this visa depends on the course and the school.

Transit visas: You must make a transit visa in advance if your journey requires a connecting flight from New Zealand. You can only fly from New Zealand and not stay here with this visa. Most of them go to another country for travelers.

The work visa: Anyone who has already accepted a job offer from a New Zealand company will use this visa. You shall present the letter of recommendation and acceptance letter. This visa is the same as your work period. The employer must include the visa papers.

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Essential Points about New Zealand E Visa

  1. In 2019, the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) was open to travelers. From 1 October 2019, this eTA is mandatory.
  2. Tourists must have at least one page available in their passport for signing and must be granted at least six months validity from the date of arrival.
  3. According to the tourist electronic travel authority, applicants can enter New Zealand multiple times, starting with the visa start date.   Tourist ETA holders permit a maximum stay of 90 days per entrance.
  4. Before traveling to New Zealand, a tourist eTA is required for all air passengers from 60 countries previously eligible to enter the country utilizing a visa waiver.
  5. Possession of a tourist eTA in New Zealand does not automatically grant the holder the right to enter the country. An immigration officer can refuse to join any person at any port of entry if he/she believes that a person does not comply with immigration requirements or that his/her presence in New Zealand is against national interests or protection.

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Necessary Documents Required for New Zealand Visa

  • Initial passport valid six months from the date of arrival + Old Passports, if applicable.
  • Two photographs, with a white matt backdrop.
  • Request forms for visas.
  • Confirmation of the hotel.
  • Tour Route.
  • Tickets for air travel.
  • Initial bank information with bank seal and sign on each page over the last six months. Please note: if you are funding your stay, you must show that you have at least NZ$1,000 for each month you expect to be in New Zealand.
  • Last 03 months' payslips if you are employed.
  • Returns of income tax / Form 16 for the last three years.
  • Employer / School / College initial leave letter.
  • If you are a student-copy of Id card/certificate of the bonafide student.

Cost for New Zealand Visa for Indian Residents

Indian citizens have to pay a total amount of 214 USD for nine months of tourist visa and 324 USD for a tourist visa with validity of 4 years of New Zealand.

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Benefits of Applying for New Zealand Visa from Tourist Visa Online

  • 24/7/365 Web Service
  • Visa Expert Review of application before submission to the New Zealand Government
  • Checking / validating additional visa expert details
  • 24/7/365, assistance via e-mail and visa specialist support in English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic, among others, in the following native languages. 24/7/365, assistance via e-mail and visa specialist support in English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic, among others, in the following native languages. 
  • Modification of photos and records. All formats (PDF, JPG, PNG) and file sizes up to 8 MB are approved.
  • Application method simplified
  • Security of privacy and protected form
  • PDF format with your registered New Zealand E Visa.
  • Multiple approved worldwide payment procedures include visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, maestro, discover, diners club, Alipay, and UnionPay.

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Q. If I've used my visa for New Zealand already, can I still receive a student visa?

Ans. Yeah, that's right. Both visa arrangements are separate.

Q. Do I have to be vaccinated before I get to New Zealand?

Ans. There is no requirement for foreign travelers visiting New Zealand suggested by the World Health Organization.

Q. Do I have to provide my New Zealand Visa application with confirmed flight tickets or hotel reservations?

Ans. No, not so. Reservations for confirmed flights or hotels are not needed.

Q. In my old, expired passport, I have a valid New Zealand visa? What am I doing?

Ans. You must pass your valid visa on your new passport in advance of travel if you have a valid visa in your old passenger's passport and recently have your passport renewed (as it has expired, has lost/has stolen, or your name has changed).

For more information on New Zealand Visa for Indian Nationals, you can contact the Tourist Visa Online customer support or check out our website.

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