how to apply new zealand visa for chinese passport holders

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China does not come under the 60 Visa waiver countries allowed to enter New Zealand without a Visa. So residents of China should apply for a Tourist Visa to visit New Zealand. But there is nothing that you should worry about; you can apply for you New Zealand Visa for Chinese Passport Holders with Tourist Visa Online's help. All you need to have is 15-20 minutes to fill the form.

Requirements for New Zealand Visa for Chinese Passport Holders

There are not many conditions to apply for a New Zealand visa for Chinese residents. In reality, simple items are required in the online application process. Tourist Visa Online only demands some details and a few documents. For the whole process, as well as when you land in New Zealand, this is what you need:

  • Passport: If you want to apply online, Chinese people need to be issued a valid passport. However, you must ensure that the contract remains in effect for at least another three months from the date of your departure from New Zealand.
  • Digital photographs: The photograph must be as recent as practicable and comply with all the other passport photo guidelines.
  • Payment methods: Tourist Visa Online allows you to pay during the application process. You can pay for the visa fee with your credit or debit card, but you can also pay with PayPal and other authorized payment methods.
  • E-mail: The visa will be sent via e-mail from Tourist Visa Online. The visa will be sent to you in a PDF format. Do not forget to print a couple of copies, so you have one or two replacements.

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How to Apply For New Zealand Visa for Chinese Residents

You will continue with the procedure and complete the application form once you have all the things mentioned above. That's a simple part, however—easier route than to an embassy. Moreover, Tourist Visa Online has a support service available 24/7 and is free of charge if you have any issue with the form or anything else relevant to your visa.

You need to complete three steps:

  • You must write your personal information and some information about your trip during the first one.
  • Payment and revision are the second stages. The payment component is easy since you can use many ways, but it is more critical than you think for correction. You must make sure that all material, including the spelling, is right. Otherwise, you could face the problem of getting your Visa refuse.
  • The third stage is to upload all the essential documents. You may submit your request and then wait until your visa enters your E-mail Inbox after all three steps are completed.

It is more open than you thought to receive a visa from the people of China. Tourist Visa Online makes it straightforward so that a complicated application process doesn't cost you time and effort.

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What is the function of New Zealand ETA?

New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently launched the eTA for residents of more than 60 countries. This eTA allows travelers to enter and remain valid for two years for transit or tourism purposes. The method of applying for eTA is straightforward and 100% online. Upon the submission and approval of the application, the applicant shall obtain confirmation with the reference number to which the immigration officers are needed on arrival.

eVisa is an online visa application system where you can apply for a visa from all over the world. The traveler's benefits from this method are that visas can be requested easily from anywhere on the Internet. At the time of submission of your New Zealand Visa application, payment shall be made electronically.

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Q. At the same time, my family and I were granted visitor/resident visas together. Should we all have to fly together or at the same time?

Ans. No, the whole family may not have to fly simultaneously, but before their visa validity expires, everyone has to reach New Zealand. 

Q. With a Visitor visa to New Zealand, can I work there?  

Ans. No, not so. In general, visitor visa holders are expected to obtain a work visa in New Zealand.

Q. Does New Zealand tourist visa have any age criteria?

Ans. All may apply for a tourist visa for New Zealand, but applicants below 18 must submit NOC signed by their parents.    

Q. What is the visa rule for the retired people?

Ans. They are required to display the proof of retirement along with other documents.

Q. Is there a student visa age limit?

Ans. The visa to study in New Zealand is not limited in age.

Q. What is a visa for a group?

Ans. You are free to apply for a group visa if you want to visit New Zealand for the same reason and concurrently with a group of people. A popular visa will include the names of all members of the party.

Q. How long does a visitor's visa last?

Ans. The maximum permitted visa stay is nine months. The visa is usually valid for up to 3 months or six months in some cases.

Q. Does a tourist visa require a return ticket?

Ans. A return ticket during the visitor's application is not needed. If you apply for a transit visa, you would nevertheless require a return ticket.

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