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Applying for a New Zealand tourist visa is not a very hard task. If you are a citizen of Pakistan, this article about the New Zealand visa for Pakistan citizens from Tourist Visa Online will help you provide all the details about the visa policy, and other requirements needed for a visa to this stunning country.

If you are in search of adventures, this country could be an ideal escape for your soul. This is the most famous country for solo traveling and even people traveling with their friends and family. The narrow country, with such a small population of just five million, has emerged as a new travel destination for the lush landscapes that it has to offer to its visitors. Additionally, you will also get to know more about the maori people while in the country, hence a perfect place to increase your knowledge about the culture of the country.


Every person who seeks to visit the country must possess the visa if:

  •         He/she is not a permanent resident of Australia.
  •         He/she does not belong to one of the countries that are visa exempt.
  •         Holds the UN laissez-passer.
  •         Is allowed to travel to the country under specific conditions without obtaining a visa.

Pakistani citizens can apply for a visa to this country by filling out the application form online, which takes only a few minutes to get completed. Citizens of Pakistan are not eligible for the visa exemption facility. You can also obtain a New Zealand work visa for Pakistani citizens by giving the necessary documents that are needed. The tourist visa and New Zealand work visa requirements are mentioned below:

  •         Application form: a duly filled application form with all the correct details about yourself. Make sure to provide the details correctly, because any false details provided in it will lead to the delay or even rejection of your application.
  •         Passport: A valid Pakistan passport that would prove your nationality and identity. The passport should not expire within 6 months from the date of your travel.
  •         Photograph: A recent passport size photograph that should be clicked obliging the passport size photograph rules. Make sure that the photo should be as new as possible.
  •         Proof of funds: to acquire a visa, you need to provide your financial proof to support you while you are in the country. This may be done with your bank statements or cash. This is done by the authorities to ensure that you will not run out of money.
  •         A letter of leave: you have to convince the New Zealand embassy in Karachi that you will return to your country after the mentioned period. To prove that you will have to provide additional documents, like a letter of leave from your employer or something of that sort.
  •         You need to provide your previous travel records, and any evidence of previous travel to a foreign country.
  •         Round trip flight tickets.
  •         If you are a child below the age of 16, you need to provide a letter of consent from both your parents allowing you to travel. The letter must contain their name and numbers.
  •         Your criminal records must be clear to travel to the country. You have to provide a clearance certificate from the police to prove that.
  •         You should be medically fit to travel, and hence, for that purpose you need to provide your medical records. This contains the x-ray of your chest for TB detection. However, pregnant women and children who are below 11 need not to go through this procedure.

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When you visit a foreign land for the first time, it is very much essential to know about that country in depth. To help you, we have provided some travel tips that you can follow:


If you take safety into consideration, this country is safe enough for you to travel solo. However, you need to follow the general rules of safety, like protecting your belonging at your own risk, and also avoiding unknown routes, or trusting unknown people. 


I-sites help you to navigate through the country and lets you know about the country’s map and destinations.  You can also get important information about the area around you and avoid the ones which are not safe. This country has a lot of them that helps the travelers get through. 


The best thing about this country is that it has both ocean and mountains. Hence, you can travel here anytime of the year. During winters you can enjoy the warm sun and sit along the beach watching the tides go by. And, during winter you can trek through the spine chilling snow covered mountains. 


The country is visited by tourists all over the year and hence finding the perfect place to stay during last minute reservation is tough. Hence, it is advised that you book your accommodation beforehand in order to avoid last minute hassles.


Before making plans, take the budget into mind. Compare the country’s currency with the Pakistan currency and plan accordingly. Thus, if you want to enjoy the most about the country you should plan your budget accordingly. 


The locals of the country are called maori. While you are in the country make sure to respect their culture, like, taking your shoes off, not eating in the place where you sit, and respecting the Powhiri ceremony that takes place there. You should learn all about the basics of their culture and act accordingly. 


Remember that bargaining is not accepted here and you should keep enough cash and your cards funded when you are visiting the country. Also, tipping is quite common only if you find the service exceptional. You should not tip a huge amount of money though. 


If you like biking, you can rent a bike here and enjoy the adventure. However, you must keep a few things in mind like not taking your bike to busy roads and motorways. Also, wearing a helmet is mandatory while riding a bike, and you may be fined for not doing so.

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Q. What is the New Zealand visa fees and processing time for Pakistani citizens?

The fee for a 9 months single entry tourist visa is USD274. The visa validity for this type of visa is 18 months and stay validity is 9 months. The New Zealand visa processing time for this visa is 15-20 days.

For the 4 years visa, the fee is USD324, which is valid for 4 years, and you can stay for 4 years in the country. The processing time for this is 28-30 days. 

Q. I am travelling with my kids, will I need to apply for a visa for them too?

Yes, a visa is needed for everyone regardless for their age. You will, however, need to provide their birth certificate to avail a visa. 

Q. What is the points calculator system for New Zealand visas?

Immigration to New Zealand from Pakistan points calculator is based upon age, employment, work experience, relative in the country, educational qualifications. This system is needed for migrant skilled worker category visa type. You will need a 100 points to avail this kind of visa.

Hence, the New Zealand immigration system is not so difficult to understand if you read all about it. Once you understand all about it, go and apply for a New Zealand visa for Pakistan citizens at Tourist Visa Online.

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