extreme sports in new zealand you must try

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The sovereign nation of New Zealand is also known as the adventure capital of the entire world. Adventure sports in New Zealand is something that is on the top of the itinerary of all the adrenaline lovers. 

If you are coming to New Zealand for a vacation, you should definitely try out some extreme sports along with enjoying the natural beauty of the place. 


Here is a complete guide about the best adventure sports in New Zealand to help to plan your trip well

1. Skydiving - 

  • If you have a love for heights and want to experience the thrill of skydiving then New Zealand is the best place for you to experience it. 
  • There are many places in New Zealand where you can get your sip of adrenaline like Wanaka, Queenstown,  Auckland, Lake Taupo and Bay of Plenty. You can never sum up your trip without trying skydiving in New Zealand, it is considered as the best adventure activity in New Zealand. 


2. Bungy Jumping - 

  • For someone who is actually wanting a memorable experience in New Zealand, this is the thing you should definitely try while you are here. 
  • You will never want to regret later, so better store this experience in New Zealand. 
  • There are many places where you can try bungy jumping. with the most popular being Kawarau Bungy Site. There are also other major sites also like Nevis, which is the highest.
  • You can also try it at completely different scenic sites such as Taupo Bungy or Auckland Harbour Bridge on the Waikato River. 


3. Jet Boating - 

  • You can never miss witnessing the power of nature and how beautiful it is. Given a chance to experience it, you should definitely try jet boating at Lake Taupo's Huka Falls and the amazing thrilling experience at Queenstown's Rivers. 
  • If you love speedy rides and trills you would never want to miss this in New Zealand. 


4. Rafting - 

  • If you want to try out rafting, then why not in the most famous place. Rotorua is the most commercially rafted waterfall in the world. 
  • There are also several other options for you to try rafting at, like Queenstown, Tongariro River in Lake Taupo, and West Coast.


5. Caving - 

  • New Zealand has some crazy and absolutely wonderful caving systems across the globe. 
  • You can enjoy a day at Waitomo Caves or a thrilling experience at Nelson which also has the deepest hole of the Southern Hemisphere. 
  • You can explore these great caving sites and spend an amazing day under the ground.


6. Zip Lining - 

  • You can do a zip line on the most alluring view in Waiheke Island, New Zealand. If you enjoy the beauty of nature, why not explore it closely through a zip line view.
  • There are many other places in New Zealand where you can hang through a zip line like mountains in Queenstown and also the West Coast where you can also see the special glow worms which are exclusively found in New Zealand. 


7. Canyoning - 

This is one of the most, wildest experiences in New Zealand that one can have. There are many mountains where you can do canyoning like Wanaka, Auckland, Coromandel, Canterbury, and Nelson. 


8. Heli-skiing - 

What can be the best in the snow loaded mountains than an amazing heli-skiing? 

  • You can slide down the snow, making a way of your own with a beautiful view. 
  • You can also include a helicopter ride in your experience. A helicopter would fetch you to the top of the hill, from where you will slide down using your skiing skills. This is a must-try extreme sport, you should definitely not miss while you are in New Zealand. 


9. Off-Road Driving -

  • Just pack your bags, put on the seat belts, and head out for an awesome experience on the road. You can never miss an opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of the place as there are the best road trips in New Zealand. 
  • You can even be on the sand dunes in Ninety Miles Beach or Waikato for a quad bike farm tour. 
  • You can even discover the beauty of some extreme forests and get to know the place better. 

10. Zorb or OGO - 

How about rolling down a hill?  

  • Sounds imaginary right. But, you can actually get into a Zorb ball and roll down a hill in Rotorua.
  • You should not miss a chance to experience this amazing outdoor activity amidst geothermal waters near the place. 

FAQs -

  1. Which place in New Zealand is known as the adventure capital? 

  • Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of New Zealand as this is the place where you can do Bungi jumping, rafting, and much more. 
  • Adventure activities in Queenstown New Zealand are known around the globe. 
  1. What is a Gondola Ride in New Zealand?  

  • Gondola Ride is very famous among the tourists in the New Zealand South Island.
  • It is basically a stable car which is 450 meters in height. 

New Zealand is filled with thrills and amazing experiences for all. You can never be bored with the place or the people over here. Just pack your bags for your New Zealand Adventure itinerary and just be ready to take a million memories with you when you go back. 

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