do i need a visa for pakistan

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There are times that people tend to confuse about do I need a visa for Pakistan while they plan their travel to Pakistan. Due to this ambiguity, there are chances that some people end up without taking a visa to Pakistan when they actually require one. To clear this ambiguity it has been Tourist visa online duty to give information which are only ones that people can rely on. Due to this, there are so many people who trust us and walk along with us. Giving you information that can be trusted will always be a priority no matter what! So talking about visas to Pakistan you might also want to know whether you actually require one or not! So here are some of the common questions along with the entire list of people who would want to take a visa before they travel!


Q. Why is a visa taken to Pakistan?

A person must apply for a visa to Pakistan to ensure that they are citizens of a particular nation and are traveling to another foreign country as a tourist or for some other purpose and there are no malicious intentions with them traveling to the country. 

Q. Are there any countries that do not need a visa to travel to Pakistan?

Yes, there are some of the countries that can travel visa-free to Pakistan and the list of countries can be given as follows:

Visa Free Countries to Pakistan
Maldives Nepal Samoa
Tonga Trinidad and Tobago  

The citizens of all the above mentioned five countries who are holders of an ordinary passport can go to Pakistan without a visa and stay there. Apart from these countries, the people who hold a diplomatic passport or a service passport can also travel to Pakistan but these passport holders will have to be eligible to do so.  

Q. What is the period of stay allowed for the people of the above-mentioned countries?

The stay period for citizens of each country under the visa-free service will be different. Citizens of Maldives can stay for a total time period for three months while citizens of Samoa and Nepal can stay for thirty days in Pakistan. 

Q. Does taking an ETA document mean that I do not require a visa to enter Pakistan?

No, if you have taken an ETA document then you will also have to take a visa but in other cases, you will have to apply for the visa before you travel to Pakistan, while in this case, you can take a visa once you arrive at the airport. 

Q. Is it possible for those who require a visa to apply for it through online?

Yes, those countries that have been stated as eligible to take an online visa can take one without having to wait in line at the airport for a visa on arrival. 

Q. Which countries are eligible to take an online visa to Pakistan?

The following countries can get an online visa to Pakistan:

Following countries get e visa to Pakistan
Afghanistan Armenia Bhutan Chad DR Congo Eswatini
India Israel Libya Mauritania North Korea Somalia
Sudan Syria Yemen      

Q. Which type of visas can be obtained through an online method?

You can get a tourist visa and business visa with multiple options to Pakistan through an online method. 

Q. Are there any other conditions that a person must follow while starveling to Pakistan?

While traveling to Pakistan there are some of the countries to require a mandatory registration even after reaching Pakistan. This will have to be done at the police station in Pakistan or it will also be done by the hotel staff of the hotel you will be checking in. The following countries will have to undergo the registration:

Bangladesh Bhutan India
Israel Nigeria Palestine
Somalia Uganda  

All of these countries will necessarily have to follow the condition. 

Q. Is it possible for me to apply for a Pakistan visa if I am not currently staying in my own country?

If you are traveling and not staying in your own country and would like to take a visa to Pakistan, then you can definitely do so but it can only be approved if you are a permanent resident in that particular country. If this condition has not been followed then you might not be able to get the visa issued to you.

This wraps up the question that had been lingering in your mind for long regarding do I need a visa for Pakistan. Now you can also go ahead and apply Pakistan visa online if you need one!

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