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Traveling to Pakistan will need you to prepare for some documents that will be attached to your Pakistan visa type while the application is being submitted. This set of documents comes under the documents required for Pakistan visa and for you to know about the full list of the documents here Tourist visa online will let you know about the important stuff! With about 15 visa types that the government of Pakistan provides for you, you can easily apply for one that is the most suitable for your plans. 

A general list of the document is a must while applying for any type of visas under the Pakistan visa types and this general documents list can be given as follows:

Application form: When talking about the documents list, an application form will be the first thing to consider while applying for a visa. When you fill in the details keep in mind that all of the details must be filled in and no section must be left blank. 

Passport: This passport must belong to the foreigner who will be traveling to Pakistan. This passport must also have the validity condition being followed which will be 6 months after the arrival into the country. This passport must also consist of all the information regarding the foreigner’s identity. 

Photographs: The photographs must be attached with the application form while submitting it and hence the foreigner must attach his or her passport-sized photos that will follow all of the guidelines for attachment. 

Flight booking: Copies of flight booking made to Pakistan must be attached along with the application form. 

Hotel booking or accommodation proof: A copy of the hotel booking made in Pakistan or accommodation proof must be submitted to prove where you will be living once you reach Pakistan.

This completes the general list. 

Starting with the document list, let’s take a look at all of the visa types and the requirements:

1. Pakistan tourist visa:

This visa which is given to tourist who would like to visit Pakistan will need the applicant to produce a letter which will be sent as an invitation to Pakistan by one of the family member or a friend if the visit has been sponsored and if not then there is no need to show the letter. This same requirement will also be applicable for those going on a group tourist visa. The documents then will be taken care of by the tourism operators. 

2. Pakistan business visa on arrival:

Apart from having all the general documents for a visa, the applicant must have at least one of the following documents:

  • A recommendation letter is given by CC&I belonging to the applicant's country. 
  • An invitation letter from a business organization that has been recommended by the trade organization or association in Pakistan. 
  • A letter of recommendation by the honorary investment counselor of BOI or commercial attaches posted at the missions board. 

By showing these documents one can also get a business visa on arrival at any of the airports located in Pakistan. However only those under the eligible list can obtain this type of visa. 

3. Family visit visa for foreigners who are of Pakistan origin:

This visa will allow any of the family members of Pakistani origin to travel to Pakistan. This visa will require the following documents:

  • A document that will act as proof of Pakistani origin of the foreigner such as an identity card provided by the government. 
  • A proof which will show the relation of the spouse of a Pakistan citizen. This can be Nikkah Nama or a marriage certificate and a NIC of husband. 

4. Pakistan house-maid visa requirements:

The following documents must be presented by the employer to get a visa for the housemaid:

  • A NOC and an acknowledgment form that has been provided by the foreign mission concerned which states about the employment of the foreigner by the employer. 
  • A contract letter which has been signed by both the employer and the employee along with two other witnesses. 
  • A passport copy of the employer, if the employer is a foreigner and if the employer is a Pakistani then submission of a copy of NIC must be duly done. 

5. Pakistan missionary work visa:

The missionaries who will be working in Pakistan would be required to submit the following documents:

  • Letter issued from the missionary organization which states that the applicant is a Bonafide member of the organization and the organization will take all of the responsibilities for the applicant. 
  • A declaration made by the applicant to abide by all of the laws of Pakistan. 
  • The biodata of the applicant for the past 10 years must be produced. 
  • Letter of the invitation given by the organization in Pakistan. 

6. Afghan visa: 

Those people from afghan who are already residing in Pakistan or those who are about to come on an afghan visa will need to present a document that will prove their afghan nationalism. 

7. Pakistan student visa:

A student applying for educational purposes must pass all the security and obtain NOC from the ministry of education and foreign mission in Pakistan. 

This completes all of the documents required for the Pakistan visa which must be submitted to get the visa issued to you. 


Q. Does a birth certificate prove that I am a citizen of the country?

While a birth certificate will help understand that you are related to the citizen of the country, it might not give you citizenship rights in some cases and hence you will have to apply for a citizenship id to prove your citizenship. 

Q. Can a student get a Pakistan visa to pursue a study without a NOC document?

No, it will not be possible for a student to get a Pakistan visa issued without the help of a NOC document. 

Q. Is it necessary to attach all of the documents while submitting the application form for a Pakistan visa?

Yes, it is absolutely important that you attach all of the documents required for the Pakistan visa while submitting the application. 

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