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Iranian nomads were the first to recognize Uzbekistan. Now Uzbekistan is identified as a secular state. Uzbekistan's economy drastically improves for its marketing strategy with foreign countries. Uzbekistan imports and exports many things from other countries bit its specialty is cotton, orchards, and vineyards, which are exported to foreign countries. It is also the largest electricity provider. 

The language spoken by Uzbekistan is Turkish. Tashkent is recognized as their capital. Its neighboring countries are Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Islam is mostly followed in Uzbekistan. While its climatic conditions are quite weird, rain occurs in winter and spring and maintains a 32-degree temperature during summertime. In Uzbekistan, drainage systems are in practice mainly. Uzbekistan is not much richer in the agricultural field.

 Uzbekistan Visa Policy

Well, visa policies are common for all countries as it's important to track and keep records. For getting Uzbekistan some conditions need to be fulfilled

  • Complete visa application form print-out is needed
  • Applicant current passport size photo is required
  • Passport must be valid for six months
  • Hotel/ residences booking receipt 
  • A flight booking ticket is needed
  • Proper address-proof documents should be submitted
  • The application form for e-visa is available online. 

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Uzbekistan Visa Requirements (Working)

Firstly, the work purpose should be defined; any foreigner can apply for a work visa, but they must acquire a corporate license, as it only allows few foreign candidates for the work purpose; a valid reason for obtaining a foreign job is necessary. Uzbekistan's hiring process is not so easy. The work license is valid for six months after that you have to renew your card. After you are hired for the job only a Single entry visa will be applicable and its validation is 30 days.

The required documents

  • Passport must be valid for six months
  • Applicant current passport size photo is required
  • A passport or other copy is required (which carries basic information)
  • A letter of recommendation is required, along with past work history is required.
  • Police verification and verification letter must be obtained
  • A Medical/heath certificate is required
  • Foreign minister letter of the grant should be acquired

Keeping in mind the current situation travelers should maintain all the precautions and safety that are directed by the airline's authority.

Uzbekistan Visa (Exception)

Uzbekistan embassy offers a free visa policy to certain countries; they can enter Uzbekistan only with a passport; no visa is required. This exception is a grant for 60 countries. Depending on their nationality, those foreigners can stay as long as they want to. For certain nationalities they offer 90 days validity; but for others, it is only for 30 days-times.

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Uzbekistan Visa Type

  1. Student visa (requirement)- only interns and students can apply for it
  2. Business visa (requirement)- only applicable for the business represents. 
  3. Tourist visa (requirement)- for all foreigners, and travelers to Uzbekistan 
  4. Diplomatic visa (requirement)- only applicable for government officers, special hired officers by Uzbekistan.
  5. Employment visa (requirement)- only applicable if you are hired by the Uzbekistan corporate office.

Currency Of Uzbekistan

The currency of Uzbekistan is Uzbekistani Som. According to Indian currency, its value is one Uzbekistani Som equals 0.0069 Indian Rupee. Their currency symbol is лв. For preferable suggestion, if you carry US dollar, it is widely accepted. Just keep in mind that damage notes are not accepted.

Uzbekistan Food

Uzbekistan is famous for its food obtained. If you are traveling to Uzbekistan, you must try this item.

  • Plov- it's recognized as the national dish
  • Lagman (Soup)- it’s a very popular dish in Uzbekistan, served as a hearty noodle, well, it’s a popular Korean dish.
  • Shashlik- it's a Russian dish made with skewered meat
  • Manti- it’s a quite tasty dish made with beef
  • Fried Lagman- its name is obtained as it is severed with a fried egg at its top.
  • Samsa- it's quite similar to Manti, it is baked and made with beef. You can take it as a breakfast option.
  • Chalop- it's a yogurt soap you can prefer during summer times.

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Uzbekistan Safety

According to the updates in Uzbekistan, terrorist attacks are increased(for its neighboring country, i.e., Afghanistan). Street crimes, scams with tourists, snatching things, pickpocketing, and many more. The embassy is aware of that, but these things are going out of control. Avoid late-night travel; in case of any trouble, contact your nearest police station. Certain restrictions on the dressing. Bus, taxis are available, but women are not allowed to travel solo.

Apply Uzbekistan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all; just fill up the necessary things with valid documents.

Well, it depends upon your nationality as Uzbekistan offers a free visa policy to 60 countries.

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