Uzbekistan Work Permit

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Have you got an opportunity to work in Uzbekistan that you can't miss upon?

Well, then the first thing for you to do is to get yourself a work permit for Uzbekistan.

Here's every detail about the work permit visa you will need to know while planning your trip to Uzbekistan.

Why do I need Uzbekistan Work permit?

If you are a foreigner, you will be needing an Uzbekistan Work permit so that you can work legally for your Uzbekistani employer.

This visa will be authorized by the government and will determine your period of staying.

Uzbekistan Work visa Requirements

Here are the Uzbekistan work permit requirements you would need:

  • 3 months valid passport
  • Copy of information page of your passport
  • Invitation letter by the company
  • Coloured passport photos
  • Proof of stay
  • Proof of work history of the applicant

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The application Process of Uzbekistan Work Permit

Foreigners seeking a work permit in Uzbekistan should be aware that their employer will require a valid corporate work permit that is good for 6 months to a year.

The employer will have to prove that they need to hire foreign citizens for the job role as they have already searched the local market for eligible Uzbekistan candidates but failed to find any good results.

Once, the employer is done with the required procedures. The foreign national will apply for a Work permit from the Ministry of Labor in Uzbekistan. They will need to fill the visa application and submit the supporting documents as asked by the authorities.

After that, the applicants must wait for the approval of their visas. Once accepted, they will be able to stay in Uzbekistan for a total of 30 days.

Tourists with work permits must register their address with the police station as soon as they arrive in Uzbekistan; after they have done so, they will be able to legally work in the country.


  • You cannot work in Uzbekistan without the work permit
  • You and your employer should plan early and complete the legal procedures.
  • It would take 3 months for the complete process to get over.
  • Make sure you click your passport photo with a light background

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What kind of Work can I do using Uzbekistan Work Permit?

An Uzbekistan work permit will allow you to:

  • Participate in business meetings
  • Attend conventions and conferences.
  • Perform market research
  • Make professional business connections.
  • Visit a company's location.

What is the processing time OF the Uzbekistan Work permit?

Uzbekistan Work permits can take two to three months to process from the time the applicants have applied.

Which countries are allowed to work in Uzbekistan without a Work permit?

No international citizens are allowed to work without a Work permit in Uzbekistan.

Laws for Tourists

Here are few things that tourists should keep in mind:

  • You should carry your passport all the time
  • If found using or selling drugs you will be fined or imprisoned as well.
  • You are advised to respect the religious sentiments of citizens of Uzbekistan
  • Clicking photographs of officers or government places can upset the authorities in charge. So be careful not to make this mistake.
  • You cannot adopt a child from Uzbekistan if you are a British national who is no longer a habitual resident of the UK.
  • The use or import of Drones without authorization by the Uzbek government is illegal.
  • Homosexuality is illegal in Uzbekistan.
  • Refrain yourself from Public display of affection in Uzbekistan.

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  • Make sure you have valid travel medical insurance
  • Dial 103 in case of any medical emergency
  • Medical and health facilities in Uzbekistan isn't as good as it is in developed countries.

How can we help?

Well, you can easily book your visa online through us without getting into the fuss.

All you need to do is submit the documents and fill the Uzbekistan visa application form. Then you can rest back and wait for your Uzbekistan e-visa to arrive at you through your email.

Apply Uzbekistan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe to travel to Uzbekistan. Just keep in mind to have your health insurance updated and follow the guidelines of the government.

Here are some places in Uzbekistan to add to your list:

  • Samarkan
  • Bukhara
  • Khiva
  • Aidarkul Lake & Nurota Mountains
  • Termez
  • Ancient Fortress Ruins.

A little bit of English is spoken in Uzbekistan as people are just starting to learn the language now. It is best if you learn a few Uzbek phrases for better communication.

No dress code is required to be followed in Uzbekistan, but it's best if travellers wear long pants and sleeved shirts as Uzbek people are conservative in nature.

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