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Uzbekistan Visa is a mandatory requirement to visit Uzbekistan. Only if you come under the Visa-Exempt Category then you don’t need to apply for the visa. Some people may be eligible for the Uzbekistan Visa On Arrival. But, most everyone needs a visa for travelling to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a country where there are so many great Tourist attractions. At the same travelling, there is very cheap. A large number of people are now visiting Uzbekistan because of the Uzbekistan e-Visa introduction in 2018. Before applying for the visa you first should know all the visa requirements. If you are confused or don’t know the visa requirements then read this article. Today, we will discuss Uzbekistan Visa Requirements in detail.


  1. Uzbekistan Visa Requirements for the Tourist Visa.
  2. Uzbekistan Business Visa Requirements.
  3. Things You Should Consider Before Applying For The Visa.
  4. How To Apply For The Tourist Visa Online?

Uzbekistan Visa Requirements

These are the Uzbekistan Visa Requirements for the Tourist Visa:

  1. Copy of filled Uzbekistan Online Visa Application and signed by the applicant.
  2. One Color Photograph(Recent One). You need to attach the colour photograph to your application form.
  3. The passport should be valid for at least 3 months more than the period of stay in Uzbekistan. It should also have 1 blank page.
  4. Valid Email Address.
  5. Passport photocopy.
  6. You need to pay the e-Visa fees online.

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Uzbekistan Business Visa Requirements

  1. You need to provide a copy of the letter of invitation from inviting partners in Uzbekistan(Except for the citizens of Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Latvia, Czech Republic, USA, Austria, Belgium, and Malaysia).
  2. Two copies of the completely filled and signed visa application form.
  3. Passport with the validity of 3 months more than the period of stay in Uzbekistan. Also, the passport should have one blank page.
  4. You need to submit a copy of the Power of Attorney for the authorized person.
  5. You also need the Certificate of employment of the invited person.
  6. Documents of the organization (license, certificate, etc).
  7. Copies of Tickets for arrival visa at the airport "Tashkent".
  8. The Copies of orders to the head and the authorized person is also a mandatory requirement.
  9. The passport copies of the invited person, head of the organization, authorized person of the organization to submit the documents.
  10. The visa fees need to be paid.

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Things You Should Consider Before Applying For The Visa

Whether you apply for a Tourist Visa or Business Visa you always need to provide Authentic Documents. Submitting correct documents is very important. Each document is checked by the Visa Authorities. If they find any wrong document your application will be rejected. Also, the pictures of documents you submit should be of high quality. Each document should be clearly visible. If the Authorities request any further changes in your document then you should immediately make the changes. If your application gets rejected then you won’t receive any explanation for it.

Uzbekistan Visa Processing Time is 10-12 Days.

How To Apply For The Tourist Visa Online?

Tourist Visa Online provides visa with less paperwork and easy to fill documents. We provide 24x7 Customer Support and Secure Online Transaction. In today’s world where most of the private information is leaked we, provide a 100% Assurity that your information will not be leaked. Tourist Visa Online guides you through all the visa process and gives accurate visa information. You can easily Track Visa Status online. We have an experienced team of visa experts who will check all your documents before sending it for processing. All the mistakes in your form will get corrected. Your application will never get rejected. If you want a visa on an urgent basis then we can provide a visa in less then 48 hours.


1) What is the Uzbekistan Visa Fee?

Ans: The Visa Fee for the Tourist Visa is 105.0 USD.

2) How many blank pages do I need in my passport to apply for the visa?

Ans: You will need 1 Blank Page in your passport to apply for the visa.

3) What should be my passport validity for the Business Visa?

Ans: The Passport should be valid for 3 months more than the period of stay in Uzbekistan.

4) What is the currency of Uzbekistan called?

Ans: The currency is called Uzbekistani soʻm. One 1 Uzbekistani Som equals 0.000097 United States dollars.

5) Does a US Citizen need a visa to go to Uzbekistan?

Ans: Yes, US Citizens need to apply for the visa in order to visit Uzbekistan.

6) What is the validity of the Transit Visa?

Ans: The Transit Visa is valid for 3 Days.

7) Do I need the Biometric every time for the e-Visa?

Ans: No, Biometric is not needed every time.

8) What are the Most Visited Countries to Uzbekistan?

Ans: The most visited countries to Uzbekistan are China, India, Thailand, United States, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

9) What if my visa application gets rejected?

Ans: If your visa application gets rejected then you need to fill the new visa application form.

10) What are the reasons for my visa application getting rejected?

Ans: Your application will get rejected if you submit wrong or unclear documents. You should submit all the documents on time and pay the visa fee on time. Most applications get rejected because you do not fulfil all the Uzbekistan Visa Requirements.

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