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We have heard about many tourist places in the world but we hardly know about Uzbekistan which is known to be a place of popular Islamic culture and architecture. From here, we get to learn about the Silk Route to China. We also can visit Samarkand and Timur’s tomb. This is a mesmerizing place with beautiful mosques for the people to visit. There is also a place called Bukhara and Art Citadel is also one of the famous arts places. A visit to the mausoleum and open-air museum in the city of Khiva is a must for every tourist who visit Uzbekistan.

There is a total of 64 countries which don’t need a visa to visit Uzbekistan while the rest of the countries have to apply for an e-visa or apply in the embassy for a visa.

Tourist Visa Online helps you to know about all the required documents that are required for applying a visa before you travel to Uzbekistan. It will also tell about the application process if you are interested to apply from the embassy itself. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us for any kinds of doubts or questions or concerns. We are available 24*7 and feel free to talk to us.

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There are a lot of pros when you apply for a visa from the Embassy but at the same time you can go through the pros and cons of this process as well:


We can get authentic visa and moreover, there’s no faking in it or there’s no doubt that the visa would be a fake one. The Embassy works according to the orders of the government or as per the government’s rule.


  • It takes a lot of time to be processed when you apply for a visa from the Embassy. The processing time of the visa may take a long time than expected.
  • A lot of money has to be paid to get the visa if you are applying from The Embassy.
  • Tracking of the visa can not be done as it is a totally offline process.
  • This process is actually a long time one and therefore the people need to wait for their documents until they are verified and are ready to get processed for the visa. Time matters for everyone and with this respect, it is time consuming.

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Different kinds of Visas for Uzbekistan


The people who are planning their holiday to travel to Uzbekistan for time or visiting their family or friends, then they will be needing a tourist visa. Six months is the validity of the passport.


If someone needs a transit visa, then he or she must apply via embassy of Uzbekistan or consulate (More Hassel Free Visa Service if he or she is planning to apply via Tourist Visa Online). This visa is valid only for 72 hours. You should carry your travel air tickets or rail tickets which will have the date of your arrival and departure dates. The processing time of the visa is three days.


There are people who travel to Uzbekistan only for professional reasons. They mainly go to Uzbekistan to expand their business or to set up a new business. These people need a business visa. The most important thing that will be required is the invitation or cover letter from the institution or the company that is actually sending the individual. Six months is the validity period of the passport.

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Steps to apply for the Visa

  • We need to collect the application form from the Embassy.
  • We should fill up the form and double-check after we are done to avoid any kind of errors which may land up in disapproval of the visa.
  • We should have the entire details of our passport and enter correct details of the passport as this is required for our stay in Uzbekistan.
  • Then we need to attach our passport sized photograph in the blank space given for attaching the photograph. The photograph should be recent and should have met all requirements as addressed in the form.
  • We need to fill the details of our residence in Uzbekistan whether as a tourist or as a professional.
  • After everything is completed, we will be asked to choose the type of visa we are applying for.
  • We need to pay the required fee as well as the additional fees to the embassy.
  • The processing time is 3 days for Uzbekistan Tourist Visa and other visas take 10 days time.

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