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Do you even need a transit visa for Uzbekistan? You can find out regarding the topic in this article. Uzbekistan is a very beautiful country, people from around the world come to experience and explore the vibe of this country, but if your plans are not the same and you are just a transit guest to the country. You may not even need a visa to Uzbekistan. There are several countries listed in the article below whose citizens can transit without a visa in Uzbekistan. How cool is this? Just plan your trip and you will not need to worry about the visa. 

But first let us understand what a transit visa is. A transit visa is basically for the people who only wish to stay in Uzbekistan for some time while traveling to some other country. For the people who do not wish to explore the country as a tourist but are just a guest for only some hours. However, a transit visa does not allow you to stay in the country like a tourist, it is only for a very little period of time. 

Visa-free transit in Uzbekistan -

If you belong to any of the following countries listed below, you can transit from Uzbekistan without applying for a visa. 

These countries include - 

Albania Algeria Bahrain Bhutan Colombia Costa Rica
Dominica Ecuador Equatorial Guinea Fiji Gabon Guyana
India Kuwait Lebanon Maldives Mauritius Morocco
Nauru North Macedonia Oman Palau Peru Philippines
Qatar Saudi Arabia Seychelles South Africa Sri Lanka Suriname
Thailand Tunisia Turkmenistan United States Uruguay Vietnam

Conditions for visa-free transit facility in Uzbekistan - 

  • The citizens of the above-mentioned countries can stay in Uzbekistan during their transit for a maximum duration of five days. 

  • You may only transit through the international airports of Uzbekistan. 

  • You may only travel in an Uzbekistan Airways flight while transiting from Uzbekistan. 

Transit Facility for children - 

There are special rules and regulations for travelers who are under 16 years of age. 

  • They can stay in Uzbekistan without a visa. 

  • They must have a valid passport. 

  • They can only stay on the visa of their guardian.

  • They can only stay in Uzbekistan for a maximum time period of 90 days.

  • However, the days of their stay in Uzbekistan depends on the visa validity of their guardian. They can stay with them in Uzbekistan on the valid visa of their guardian. 

Transit visa to Uzbekistan - 

So, if you do not fall into the category of the visa-free transit from Uzbekistan. Then you will have to apply for a transit visa to Uzbekistan. But you need not to worry. It is not at all a tough task. You just have to apply it online easily on tourist visa online. 

The validity of transit visa to Uzbekistan - 

A transit visa in Uzbekistan is valid for five days. This time period is enough for every tourist to catch a connecting flight to another country. You can easily apply for a transit visa for Uzbekistan if you wish to transit. 

Requirements to apply for a transit visa to Uzbekistan - 

So, if transiting from Uzbekistan is your plan and you have already figured out if you need a transit visa to Uzbekistan or not. So, if you will have to apply for a transit visa to Uzbekistan, you must check the requirements before you apply - 

  • You must have a passport that is issued by the government of your native country. 

  • The passport should be valid for six months or more than that. 

  • You should also have your photograph which must be recently clicked with your facial features visible clearly. 

  • You should have a connecting ticket from Uzbekistan showing your transit. 

FAQs - 

Q. How to apply for a transit visa to Uzbekistan? 

A. You can apply for a transit visa to Uzbekistan online. You can just collect all the necessary requirements for the transit visa and you are good to go. 

You will have to follow these steps - 

  • Fill in the online application form to apply for the transit visa. 

  • Double-check the details before you proceed. 

  • Upload your passport size photograph which is required to be attached in the space provided. 

  • After these steps you will be directed to the payment page for the submission of the visa application fees. 

  • Now you will have to submit the transit visa fees and the process is complete. 

Q. For how long is the transit visa to Uzbekistan valid for?  

You should note that a transit visa to Uzbekistan is only valid for five days. You must plan your trip accordingly and schedule your next flight from Uzbekistan. 

So, here was a guide for everyone who is planning to apply for a transit visa to Uzbekistan. You may see the requirements and apply for it accordingly.

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