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Traveling to Uzbekistan with Tourist Visa can only be used for tourism and are not valid for business and work. Visitors from foreign nations visiting Uzbekistan who wants to visit the Country for business-related work should apply for an Uzbekistan business visa. The Uzbekistan business visa will allow and give a permit to foreign nationals to work, attend meetings, conferences, business meetings, etc in Uzbekistan. It will take 8 to 10 days for an Uzbekistan business visa to get processed and approved.


Fee and stay validity

The single entry Uzbekistan business visa fee and validity of the visa for foreign nationals are:

Uzbekistan business visa for 3 months

Cost- $80

Uzbekistan business visa for 6 months

Cost- $120

Uzbekistan business visa for 1 year

Cost- $160 

Foreign nationals who will have to renter the country frequently due to work can also apply for Uzbekistan multiple entries visa. Uzbekistan single entry business visa can not be used again to gain entry to the country for more than one time.

Multiple entry Uzbekistan business visa for 6 months

Cost- $150

Multiple entry Uzbekistan business visa for 1 year 

Cost- $250

Foreign nationals staying in Uzbekistan with business visas should not stay in the country after the end of the validity. If they still stay in the country with an expired Uzbekistan business visa, then they have to pay USD 2,000 as a penalty.


Requirements for Uzbekistan business visa

The foreign nationals who wish to enter the country for business must fulfill the requirements to obtain a business visa for Uzbekistan. Which are:

  • Photo- Applicants applying for Uzbekistan business visa can not use a very old photo and should ensure that the photo meets requirements:
  • Length should be 45mm
  • Breadth should be 35mm
  • Two colored photographs of the applicant are enough for visiting and applying for an Uzbekistan visa
  • Matte-finished
  • Neutral expression
  • Clear photo
  • Properly Visible face
  • Passport- national passport of the applicant applying for an Uzbekistan business visa. Passport should have:
  • 6 months validity
  • Original one
  • It must be in a good condition
  • Two unfilled pages for stamping
  • Letter of invitation- The letter of invitation is the important Uzbekistan business visa. It is provided by the organization or company foreign national is visiting in Uzbekistan. Foreign nationals can submit the invitation letter copy with the business visa application form for Uzbekistan. The letter of invitation attached with the Uzbekistan application form must have:
  • Name of the relevant organization and name of the applicant.
  • Address of the organization, company, or institution foreign national is visiting for business work in Uzbekistan.
  • Contact details and information of the visiting organization, institution, company, or host.
  • Purpose of visit
  • Other related information
  • A cover letter


Uzbekistan business visa application form which should be:

  • Properly filled
  • With no mistakes
  • Typed or written in capital letters
  • Correct Information
  • Signatures of the applicant
  • Funds and money
  • Return tickets-  To visit Uzbekistan with a business visa you should also book return tickets before the start of your journey.
  • Accommodation details

Eligibility to apply for Uzbekistan business visa

  • Applicants must have a valid passport to get a business visa for Uzbekistan.
  • Applicants should only be considered eligible if they also have a letter of invitation.
  • Visitors visiting Uzbekistan for business, conference, meetings, work, etc.
  • Visitors who have valid work reasons to obtain a business visa for Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan tourist visa

Travelers and tourists can also visit Uzbekistan for vacations and leisure purposes. Therefore for these visitors and travelers, the government of Uzbekistan provides a special type of visa which is an Uzbekistan tourist visa. The Uzbekistan tourist visa can be acquired online or from the embassy. An online process for obtaining an Uzbekistan tourist visa will just take five to ten minutes. Applicants will have to visit the "tourist visa online" site and fill the tourist visa application form for Uzbekistan. Then, submit scanned images of documents which is a simple step. Foreign nationals should pay the fee and acquire an Uzbekistan tourist visa. As the tourist visa for Uzbekistan can not be used for paid work and employment. Applicants are recommended not to apply for the tourist visa for Uzbek if they are planning to work in the country.


Applicants should keep in mind the Uzbekistan business visa requirements to get their visa on time. If the applicants follow the Uzbekistan business visa requirements mentioned above then there are fewer chances of visa rejection.

Apply Uzbekistan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the type of Uzbekistan business visa, you apply for which can be a 3, 6, or 1-year validity visa.

Yes, foreigners visiting the country for business meetings should apply for a business visa to Uzbekistan. 

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