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Uzbekistan is a mountainous landlocked country. This country is in the central region of Asia and was a former soviet reformer. It shares borders with 5 countries; Tajikistan from the southeast, Afghanistan from the south, Kazakhstan from the south, Turkmenistan from the southeast.  The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.

Here are some of the most famous Islamic architecture, that are tourist attractions. Uzbekistan is one of the countries that are on the silk route, which is between China and the Mediterranean. This country is on the silk route between China and the Mediterranean, so it is a great tourist attraction. There are major cities on the way like “Samarkand”.

The currency of Uzbekistan is “Uzbekistani som” which sums up to Uzbekistani som equals 0.000094 united states dollars

Climate in Uzbekistan

while comparing the two countries, we will take a look at the climate, as the climate is a big factor in deciding where to travel.

Uzbekistan becomes hot in summers, the temperature may rise to 40 degrees. But it gets slightly cold in the winters

Cuisine in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country of flavors and tastes, there are a variety of flavors in the country. The cuisine is mostly influenced by locals. There is grain farming in Uzbekistan, that is why bread and noodles are the staple food of China. They also prefer to eat mutton as it is available in abundance there.

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Visa policy of Uzbekistan

Few countries are exempted by the government of Uzbekistan to get a visa. These citizens can travel to Uzbekistan without any hassle. 

The government of  Uzbekistan has a visa policy in which they provide e-visa. This e-visa is valid for up to 30 days, the fee charged for this e-visa is $20. Tourist traveling to Uzbekistan has to apply for visa 3 days in advance.

Covid guidelines to enter Uzbekistan

Due to the covid outbreak all over the globe, there are some Covid Guidelines, that are needed to be followed:-

Tourist entry

According to the government, covid guidelines, there are only a few countries from where the citizens are allowed to come.

Quarantine required

The government of Uzbekistan is strict in COVID GUIDELINES, all the tourist traveling to Uzbekistan must follow a quarantine period. Which is 14 days

Testing for COVID

The government of Uzbekistan, follows the COVID GUIDELINES, strictly. To enter the country the tourist must carry a negative report of COVID-19, which should not be more than 72 hours before the travel

Quarantine period

All the tourists must stay in self-isolation for 14 days. This is necessary for all the tourists that are traveling to Uzbekistan

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Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country that is mostly covered in mountains, present in central Asia.  Kyrgyzstan shares its borders with 4 countries: china from the east, Uzbekistan from the west, Tajikistan from the south, and Kazakhstan from the north

The capital of the country is “Bishkek” it is the largest state in the whole country also. There is the place in Kyrgyzstan, it is a great tourist attraction in the name of “Issy-kul”

This lake is surrounded by numerous hotels, boarding houses, and resorts. There are several beaches in the country, but there are few most famous beach spots are in the city of “Cholpon-Ata”. This place is a great tourist spot as this place flooded with tourists, in the year 2006-2007 there were more than a million people. The places nearby “Cholpon-Ata” are also great tourist spots, kara-oi, Bosteri, and Korumdy.

there are around 50 airports in the country, as they are near the china border, they are reserved for the military. There are only 2 airports that are supported for international flights:

  • Manas international airport
  • Bishkek international airport.

The currency of  Kyrgyzstan is “Kygystani som”. Which equals to

1 Kyrgyzstani som = 0.012 USD.

Climate in Kyrgyzstan

There are usually hot summers during the year, and there are winters the temperature may go down to sub-zero for around 40 days in a year.

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Visa policy of Kyrgyzstan

Tourist traveling to  Kyrgyzstan, they have to apply for the visa in advance. While some countries are exempted by the government of Kyrgyzstan to get a visa. There is also a policy of visa on arrival.

Tourists traveling, can apply for a visa on arrival, they will get the visa for a maximum 30 days period. While some other countries are eligible to get the visa for 60 days.

Covid guidelines for entry in Kyrgyzstan

Few Covid guidelines are needed to be followed to enter Kyrgyzstan:-

Vaccination certificate

Tourist traveling from outside the country, they need to carry the certificate of vaccination. They also need to carry a negative report of RTPCR on arrival, the test will be 72 hours before the visit.

Quarantine period

this depends on the test if you are positive on the arrival.

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Tourist restrictions

Tourists can travel to Kyrgyzstan, without any hassle. As there are no such barriers to entry. The barriers to travel are removed by the government of Kyrgyzstan

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