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By using a Transit Visa you can stay in Uzbekistan for 3 days for a maximum of 2 times. Another kind of documentation including a letter of invitation is also not necessary. However, you will need to have all the documents to apply for a visa for your onward destination. If you are planning to stay in Uzbekistan for a short period a Transit Visa is a great idea for those who need a letter of invitation for a tourist visa. Since you do not need a letter of invitation for Transit Visa it becomes very cheap and effective for individuals. If you do not need a letter of invitation then the Transit Visa is only marginally cheaper than a tourist visa to Uzbekistan.

Visa requirements and visa validity

Along with usual passport pictures, passport copy and field inform every Embassy has slightly different rules about what are the requirements of a Transit Visa. However, the most important document of all these is proof of onward travel in form of an air ticket for a Visa. You do not need a visa from the country you are coming from just a visa from the country where you are going. Visa validity generally dates specific but if you are nice enough there are many cases when people have gotten their one-day visa within 1 month or even a three-month window. If you have a one-day visa you only get 24 hours to enter and exit the country. The same goes for two and three-day visas as well. This means that if you enter Uzbekistan on Monday with a one-day Transit Visa then you will need to leave the country within the same day and you cannot wait for 24 hours.

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Given below is the price list of all kinds of Transit Visa collected from different Embassy websites and they can differ according to the embassy you choose to apply from,

  • 1 day: 20-40$
  • 2 days: 25-45$
  • 3 days: 30-50$
  • Double entry (72 hours per entry): 40-60$

Transit visa on arrival

This has is launched from 1st May 2018. A Transit Visa on arrival can be issued at the airport as well. This visa will only be valid for 72 hours and you will need to have a tour as well. Visitors will be provided to the individuals between 8 to 21:00

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Visa-free 5-day transit for air passengers

The passport holder of 101 countries who are translating by airplane which includes arriving and departure by airplane through Uzbekistan are allowed to get a 5-day Visa-free stay provided they have an onward boarding pass with them. But this rule has a catch and it was reported that you needed to fly in and out on Uzbek Airways to be able to use this rule however this is not entirely correct and you will need to check for further updates and connect with your airline if they can provide this service or not.

Apply Uzbekistan Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Two Intercity of Uzbekistan or transit through the territory you will need to have a visa. However, some countries come under a Visa-free entry regime. The citizens of these countries are allowed to transit Uzbekistan for 5 days without a visa along with 35 other countries that can transit by this way.

Yes, you can get a visa on arrival at the airport if you already have a visa confirmation issued by the Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is useful if there are no Embassy and consulate of Uzbekistan in your country.

If you already have a valid visitor visa you can use these two transit United States. If you are a citizen of the participating country then you will be able to transmit United State on the visa waiver program as well. But there are no direct ways to use your tourist visa as a Transit Visa.

All the citizens need a visa to enter Uzbekistan while there are some other options to get the visa. You can obtain for Visa on arrival as well. Keep in mind that Visa on arrival is only valid at Tashkent International Airport. You will not be able to enter through another border checkpoint.

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