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Uzbekistan is well known for its fascinating features and up-built infrastructure. Uzbekistan's Tashkent city is officially recognized as its capital. In Uzbekistan, most people speak the Turkish language. Well, Russian and English languages are also widely spoken by the Uzbekistan people. They usually follow the Islamic religion, but nowadays the country is quite disturbed for overrated disturb and illegal activities that are following in Uzbekistan as of Afghanistan, as Afghanistan is Uzbekistan's neighboring country. Uzbekistan is famous for its silk production as the Uzbekistan economy is mainly dependent on this export and import business. Uzbekistan is also a famous country among tourists just because of its heritage and infrastructure.

Uzbekistan Facts

Well, Uzbekistan is also famous for its rich heritage culture. Uzbekistan has a long history regarding its culture and religious beliefs. You must visit these places if you are visiting Uzbekistan 

  • BUKHARA- It's been recognized as the first to build infrastructure and UNESCO was the first to recognize this. It mainly has many history and stories regarding Islam; it’s quite religious-based infrastructure.
  • KHIVA- UNESCO Khiva is the first heritage city grown-up for its silk road culture, religion, and tradition. The city is also famous for its thick mud walls. Its quiet setup makes it a unique city.
  • SAMARKAND- it's been recognized as the heritage city of UNESCO; today it's a lively city that depicts the tradition. In ancient Samarkand is quite famous for its mythology.
  • SHAHRISABZ- Timurid architecture is the city's specialty. Shahrisabz is tourist most attractive place to visit.

In short, Uzbekistan has many tourist places to visit and it's well-known for its destination places. The city of Tashkent has its history and specialty. Tashkent is now recognized as a stone city because of the earthquake; its many infrastructures have been destroyed.

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Do I Need A Visa For Uzbekistan

Yes, for every country visa requirement is mandatory, but the Uzbekistan embassy is quite complex for many countries it offers a free visa policy, so before traveling visit the government site whether your nationality required a visa or not.

Uzbekistan visa (Precondition)

For Uzbekistan, the visa requirement is quite simple and easy by fulfilling the following conditions you will be eligible for an e-visa.

  • Valid passport requirements, and if a candidate has any history of passport, they must also provide that
  • A vaccination document is required
  • A health check-up document is required
  • An applicant must provide his/her color photo
  • An immigration certificate is required
  • A valid formal letter from the foreign minister
  • No criminal offense is entertained
  • PCR certificate is mandatory
  • Often, quarantine is practiced at the airport
  • Address proof must be provided during the application process
  • Bank documents are necessary for future requirements
  • If a candidate has a cough and fever, they should quarantine themselves for 14 days.
  • Hotel tickets for proof
  • Flight booking confirmation ticket
  • Two blank pages for Uzbekistan embassy stamp

If you are worried about the registration process visit the tourist visa online site, it provides you with valid information and with all kinds of application forms according to your requirements. Its policy and process of filling are simple, easy, and genuine. Within 48 hours it will provide you with your requirements. Tourist visas online maintain complete privacy.During the application process, provide all the relevant documents that you are needed for processing. Complete your process with online payment; no extra charges are charged for the online transaction. No refundable policy is valid. Tourist visas online is been rated with maximum stars for their service. Visit this site for valid information.

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After Getting Visa 

After your visa arrival, the following steps will be verified.

  • Police verification
  • Passport confirmation
  • The interview will be conducted to know the purpose of visiting Uzbekistan 

- From below 13 years of age no interview is conducted

- Above 18 years interview is mandatory; without that, you won't be able to travel

- Above 70 years, interview and travel cases are prohibited in certain cases

Restrictions Regarding Uzbekistan Currency 

Uzbekistan embassy has set the limit regarding currency; travelers cannot take more than that currency/ US dollar before that traveler have to provide their bank documents. This process is mandatory for keeping a record; if any crisis came, the Uzbekistan embassy could show the records.

Uzbekistan Visa Types

  1. Business visa (requirement)- it'svalid if in Uzbekistan work permits and its validation is for 90 days maximum.
  2. Tourist visa (requirement)-any travelers can use this visa and its validation is for 30 days and 90 days.
  3. Diplomatic visa (requirement)- this visa can only be used by the Uzbekistan government and employees.
  1. Employment visa (requirement)- this visa is only generated for official workers, specialist workers, literate workers working in Uzbekistan.
  2. Private Visitor Visas- this visa can only be obtained at the OVIR office.

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Private Visitor Visas (Requirements)

  • A formal invitation letter from the other country embassy from where the traveler is traveling is required.
  • Applicant must consult Uzbekistan embassy before filling process
  • After reaching Uzbekistan, they can apply for this visa
  • An official letter is required for this
  • After 5-days of arrival, this visa is applicable
  • Under 16 years of age can also able to apply for this.

Business Visas (B):

  • Biometric passport documents are required
  • Work permits document
  • Resident permit documents
  • Current photo of the travelers
  • HIV/AIDS vaccine document is required.

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Uzbekistan Safety

In the past, Uzbekistan was free of crimes. Recently, crime rates have increased due to Afghanistan neighbor bonding. Terrorist attacks are quite common in Uzbekistan. They are mainly pointing to crowded places.

  • Avoid visits to crushed places
  • Avoid trusting unknown people as scam rates are increasing
  • Violence on roads is quite common
  • Avoid traveling at midnight travel
  1. The tourist must take travel insurance
  2. Legal action is taken against any criminal offense
  3. Uzbekistan government is quite strict so criminals are given life-long imprisonment or hanged to death.
  4. Trafficking is illegal
  5. Drugs are also illegal
  6. Alcohol in public places is prohibited
  7. Hospital infrastructure is limited
  8. Late-night women are not safe to travel

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