Do Americans Need a Visa for Uzbekistan

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We have known about all places but we know little about Uzbekistan. It is a place of popular Islamic culture and architecture. It is also known to them who want to know about the silk route without even crossing China. Samarkand is a place full of ambiance and aesthetic sense. It is famous for Silk Road, Timur’s tomb, and for a lot of mesmerizing mosques. A person who likes about arts can visit Bukhara and spend some quality time in Art Citadel and also visit a mausoleum and open-air museum in the city of Khiva. Uzbekistan is famous for Shashlyk. This country actually gets suppressed as a destination place because of other countries but you don’t even have to give a second thought to visit Uzbekistan.

There are 64 countries that don’t need a visa to visit Uzbekistan and other countries have to apply for an e-visa or apply in the embassy.

Tourist Visa Online helps you to know about all the requirements before you travel to Uzbekistan and also helps to apply for the visa.

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Different kinds of Visas for Uzbekistan


The people who are looking forward to travel to Uzbekistan for either to go on a vacation or even meeting their friends and family or may be even for other private purposes need a tourist visa. Those people need to either show the hotel bookings in which they have thought of staying there or they can show an invitation from whoever they will be visiting. The validity period of their passport must be for at least 6 months beyond their point of the stay.


There are people who travel to Uzbekistan only to expand their business or to set up a business or to grow visibility and awareness of the business. These people need a business visa. This will require an invitation from the institution or the company that is actually sending the individual. The passport should be valid for at least six months.


If someone needs a transit visa that is valid only for 72 hours, then he or she must apply via the embassy of Uzbekistan or consulate(More Hassel Free Visa Service if he or she is planning to apply via Tourist Visa Online). There are required documents that are required for applying a visa online for Uzbekistan. The person’s air tickets or rail tickets should also be carried along with the person which will determine the arrival and departure dates. Three days are required to process for the Online eVisa.

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Do US Citizens Require a Visa for Uzbekistan?

American citizens need to apply for a visa and that is compulsory for them. They are not allowed to get a visa on arrival at the airport of Uzbekistan. If by any chance they enter the country without a visa, legal actions will be taken against them and they will not be allowed again to apply for a visa even in the future. So, it is better to apply for the visa in advance in order to be hassle-free when one is in the mood of enjoying the vacation or in any official work.

What Type of Visa can Americans apply for?

American citizens can apply for 3 types of Visas – Transit Visa, Business Visa, and Tourist Visa as per their requirements. The Tourist and Business Visas are valid for 30 days. One can apply for Transit Visa if he or she chose Uzbekistan as the third destination and this is needed as he or she goes outside the airport. If the person stays in the airport, then this visa is actually not required at all. This visa has a validity period of only 3 days. If anyone wishes to apply for an e-visa as getting a visa through an embassy is very hectic and tiresome, then he or she can think of applying online in Tourist Visa Online.

Fees required to pay for application of the visa fees

The cost of applying for a visa online depends. Tourist Visa Online provides the visa at a very low and minimal cost. The cost of a tourist visa is 105.0 USD. The time that is actually taken for processing the visa is 10-12 days. After the process is done, it will be sent for verification. The verification will be completed and a message will be sent via email only if the foreign Traveller have provided with the correct information and documents.

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Uzbekistan Visa Requirements:

The things that are needed before applying for a visa is a passport which has a validity of 3 months. The person who will be travelling should fill in his or her details correctly and a coloured passport size photograph is needed. There should be a copy of information of the first page of the passport. A medical certificate which will be a proof that the person is HIV negative. Lastly, there is a need to submit the details of the residence where the foreign visitor will be residing.

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