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If you are a citizen from Portugal wishing to travel to Angola then you better start packing your bags as this article will no help you take an Angola visa from Portugal! This guide is here to clear all your misconceptions about taking a visa and how you will be able to complete your visa application process efficiently. Portugal is a southern European country and also the oldest country in Europe, popularly known for its beaches, foods. Portugalete can also apply for Angola visa from Portugal as it is an online process. There has also been an increasing number of tourists from Portugal who have been willing to travel to Angola but couldn’t do so because they find the visa application much tougher. This is why Tourist visa online has gathered up some of the questions which are likely to arise when you fill in the Angola visa application form.


Q. Is it possible for a Portugal citizen to travel without a visa to Angola?

No, it is not possible for Portugal citizens to travel without a visa to Angola. This means that you need to take a visa to travel to Angola.

Q. Where can a visa be taken from for a Portugal citizen to travel to Angola?

To travel to Angola you have three options from which you can take an Angola visa and these three options can be given as follows:

  1. Taking an Angola visa from an embassy
  2. Taking an Angola visa through an online agency
  3. Taking an Angola visa on arrival

Q. Which method is the best when a Portugal passport holder wants to apply for an Angola visa?

When talking about the best method, it is always up to the person who is applying for the visa about which method he or she likes the most. For some, the criteria for application of a visa may be ease of application while for others the criteria may be about the authenticity of the visa while for some other it might be about taking some budget-friendly visa. For all of these conditions, people might find different options. Like in the case of getting an application done with ease will be done through visa on arrival method. While getting a visa based on the authenticity criteria will best match the embassy application and for those who want budget-friendly plans, will apply for a visa through an online method. So after all, it is up to the person as to which condition he or she wants to comply with. 

Q. Is there a site trough which we can apply for a visa and one that will satisfy all of the conditions?

Definitely yes, you can apply for an Angola visa through tourist visa online and you can get all of the conditions satisfied as well. Here’s a list of what conditions will be fulfilled when you apply through tourist visa online:

  • No need to stand in line for hours and hours to get your visa application completed. 
  • You can get the visa with just a click of your finger
  • You will get budget-friendly options to apply from
  • You will get an authenticated Angola visa.
  • A fast delivery of visa

So with all of these conditions being fulfilled Tourist visa online is your one-stop visa application site. 

Q. What are the options that are given by Tourist visa online for a Portugal citizen to apply for an Angola visa?

A Portugal citizen who wants to apply for an Angola visa can get two options and these options can be given as follows:

  • Standard Angola tourist visa: this visa option will help you get the visa in about five to seven days. This Angola visa cost will be about 145.0 US dollars along with a service fee of 26.0 US dollars. This visa will let a Portugal citizen stay for about 30 days along with the total validity of the visa being for 60 days. 
  • Emergency Angola tourist visa: this visa option will have the same description of the stay period and the visa fees. The only thing that changes will be the number of days within which you will be able to obtain the visa. In this case, you will be able to get a visa in about two days and this will have a service fee applicable of about 200.0 US dollars along with the visa fees. 

Q. Will a Portugal citizen with a diplomatic passport also need to take a visa to Angola?

No, a Portugal citizen holding a diplomatic passport will not have to take a visa to Angola as the visit will be a visa-free one. 

With this now you can apply for an Angola visa from Portugal easily without worrying about your visa application getting canceled. 

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