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Angola is a country in the southern parts of Africa, there are many tropical beaches in the country and the “labyrinthine system” of the rivers in the country. There is the sub-Sahara desert the which is so vast that is it extends to the borders of Namibia.

The country is influenced by Portugal some cuisines are influenced by Portugal. There are many tourist attractions in the country that are, “Fortaleza de são Miguel” it is a fort built by the Portuguese in 1576, the main purpose of this was to defend the capital of the country “Luanda”. 


Transit visa 

A Transit visa is a type of visa that is given to the person, who is traveling through the country. In other words, this type of visa is given to the person whose flight is having a halt in the country for some hours. 

In that situation, the airline company provides them with a Transit visa. with all the amenities of the stay and with the hotel also. Usually, the duration of a Transit visa is for 3 days or 72 hours. 

Transit visa for Angola

A Transit visa is a visa that is valid from 60 days of the issue and the person can use the Transit visa for 5 days in the country. The transit visa for Angola can be used for 5 days and it can be used for 1 or 2 entries in the country. 

The validity of the Transit visa cannot be extended. There are certain requirements for the Transit visa of Angola, as there are certain documents that are required for the Transit visa of the country. The tourist traveling from Angola, it is the job of the person to have a transit visa. 


If the plane of that person is stopping there for a time being for 4 hours, it is the choice of the tourist to have a Transit visa or not. 

Difference between the Transit visa and the tourist visa 

There is a difference between the transit visa and the tourist visa for Angola. The tourist visa can be extended for 30 days and the validity of the tourist visa starts from 60 days from the issue date. The transit visa is only allowed for 5 days or 120 hours for the transit visa in Angola.

A transit visa is only given to the person who is continuing their trip somewhere. Their plane has taken a halt in the country for some time,  they want to the third country. 

Documents required for the Transit visa 

Certain documents are required for the Transit visa, which the tourist needs to Fulfil if he or she wants the Transit Visa. 

Here is the list of the Documents that are required for the Transit visa:- 

  • Application form 

The tourist must fill the application form, the form must be fully complete, and all the details on the form of the tourist. 

The tourist traveling using the Transit visa must take print of the application form. 

  • Passport size photograph attached

The tourist must attach the passport size photograph, with the application form. The photo must be properly glued with the application form. 

  • Two passport size photographs

The tourist must take two more passport size photographs with them, these photographs must be clear and the tourist should not be wearing any sunglasses in the photo. Other than the prescribed glasses. 


  • Tickets of the country traveling to

The tourist must carry tickets for the country they are traveling to. This is proof that the person is traveling further from Angola. This is the main document for the Angola transit visa. 

  • International vaccination card

The tourist must carry the international vaccination card, for yellow fever that will show that the tourist is fully vaccinated from the fever. 

  • Copy of the passport 

The tourist must carry a photocopy of the passport of the tourist. Which will show the stamp of the country they are traveling to. 

The tourist traveling to Angola must carry the tickets to the third country in which they are traveling to. this must be done within 24 hours, the tourist must stay in the transit area of the international airport and they must have the proper documents required for the next destination. 

Visa exempted countries 

There are some of the countries, that the government of Angola has made visa-free. The citizens of these countries can travel to Angola visa-free.

  1. Botswana 
  2. Seychelles
  3. South Africa 
  4. Zambia
  5. Zimbabwe
  6. Singapore
  7. Mauritius 
  8. Mozambique
  9. Namibia
  10. Rwanda
  11. Cape Verde 

The citizens of these countries can travel to Angola, Visa free

Apply Angola Visa

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