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Angola visa document requirements

Angola is a nation of well-developed and high-tech infrastructure. The country ranks in a very good position in terms of economic and physical development. The nation is a great exporter of oil and diamond to the other countries. Angola’s development had been extensively appreciated by other nations of the world because once the country is the civil war bearer for at least 27 years and now, it is slowly emerging as a major economic powerhouse in Africa and has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. 

Besides, its capital Luanda is very much famous for its well-developed, international and multinational city’s infrastructure. Luanda, by instance, is popular as "Paris of Africa" in the Africa region. Because the city is constructed as a twin version of France's official city, Paris. 

Thus, with this so much glossy itinerary, this country barely demands required important documents from the visitors to grant ingress into the country.


What are the required documents for the Angola visa?

As per the commercial rule, to get access to anything commercial, you prior need to meet their security requirements which are similar in the visa processing method too. 

Granting a visa to the applicant is also a trade business of the nations. So, to be a part of these Angola trade business, one needs to submit some required documents for Angola Visa Authority. As we read earlier Angola demands a very short number of documents to process your Angola E-visa.

These are some required documents that you ought to submit to the Angolan government to continue your visa process and assure them with your identity. 


Angola Visa Documents followed as:

  • Your passport must be valid for 6 months before arrival at the airport

  • Have at least one blank visa page, which is not be torn, separate or altered in any other way

  • Complete application form with the correct filled information’s 

  • Multiple passport size photographs

  • The photographs must be taken against white backgrounds. 

  • You face should not be covered with any accessories or headgear except religious

  • Proof of your accommodation or confirm hotel bookings

  • Necessarily submit confirmed flight tickets 

  • Copy of your itinerary

  • Proof of your medical or vaccination international certificate

  • Details of credit/debit card as a proof that you bear your expenses in Angola as long as you stay here

In case if you are sponsored, which is of two types, business or Kin’s place visit

  1. If you called by the Angolan organization or visit the country to attend some business meeting, seminar or events, 

  • You must submit the Invitation letter which is received from that authorized organization with these required above mentioned documents.

  1. If you called by your relative or kin, likewise

  • Your kin should submit the invitation letter to you along with their residence ID, so that, you send ahead for the further visa process

  • The minor applicant is obliged to hold a consent letter from their parents. 

When you finally submit these documents on Your application will be as soon as possible forwarded to the Angolan visa administration for an authentication procedure. 


What are the steps to apply Angola E-visa Online

  1. Go to the formal online website tourist visa online
  2. Get in touch with our homepage, do fill those asked countries on the dialog boxes.
  3.  And hit the Apply visa button.
  4. It's time to choose the visa type. This will inform you the required amount, validity days, staying days, processing hours.
  5. Now, this is the section that you have waited for, to complete your visa request. Application form section, do fill this form very carefully and submit it to our executives. If in case, you face any problem in filling the form, you can contact our immigration experts.
  6. Finally, you are left with the last segment, which is the payment section. Go to the pay online option or when you click submit application tab, the payment segment will appear in front of you automatically. Now do pay the needed amount and complete your visa processing request


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