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Hey there, worried about Angola Visa On Arrival? Here's all you might need to know about the Angola Visa and Angola Visa types, ways to apply Angola Visa and all the procedures! Ready to have a look? Let's explore!


  • What is Angola famous for?
  • What is Angola Visa?
  • How to Apply for the visas?
  • What are the different types of Visas issued?
  • How do I get a visa for Angola?
  • Online pre visa/Visa On Arrival
  • How to Apply for the visas Online?
  • How long does it take to get Angola Visa?
  • Is Angola safe?

What is Angola famous for?

Angola is one of the most beautiful countries in Southern Africa. It has various tropical Atlantic beaches, Sub Saharan desserts and Labyrinthine system of rivers.

Angola is famous for the Angolan Cuisines which have popular dishes and is loved by people all over the world.

What is Angola Visa?

Any country requires a set of documents or approval copies which grants you access in the respected countries. Similarly, visas are the documents/ approval copies which help you travel whichever country you want. Angola Visa allows you and serves you the access to Angola.

How to Apply for the Visas?

In today's world, technology has introduced diverse ways to go for any applications you want; they are completely handy via the internet. Even then we will tell you all the ways to apply for visas with easier steps.

There are three types of visas application method.

Especially for the Angola Visa Online, the types are

  1. E visa: The electronic visa which can be applied online! If you are looking forward to a convenient and affordable source to apply online then you would not miss out the Tourist Visa Online services. You can get your visa online via this organization in the least amount of time and by following simple steps. Also at Affordable rates!
  2. Visa: If not applying online then you have to catch-up with the nearby embassy granting visas in your country! It's a bit time-consuming procedure and can generally be a tiresome experience. But if you are avoiding online services due to lack of valid information, you can surely go by the non-online methods by visiting the nearby embassy.
  3. Visa On Arrival: This is the method where you get the required visa through the government of that particular country on arrival in their country itself. For Angola, Visa On Arrival is acquired on the mentioned airports itself:
  • Quatro de Fevereiro Airport(Luanda)
  • Lubango Airport
  • Massabi(Republic of the Congo border)
  • Luau(Democratic Republic of the Congo border)
  • Curoca(Namibia border

What are the different types of Visas issued?

There are various types of visas issued based on the reason for your visit to Angola/ any other countries.

Different types of visas are:

  • Transit visas: If the individual is reaching his destined country via some other country, he then requires a transit visa in order to spend the given amount of time in the same country. Until his next flight; he/she is free to visit different places in the same country if they have a transit visa. Its validity is for limited hours or days. A confirmed return ticket should also be available with the user of this visa.
  • Short-stay or visitor visas: Short stay visas can be again categorized into many more options.
  1. Tourists visa: A lot of tourist attractions and places are always welcoming tourists from all over the world. Thus to enter a foreign country just as a tourist, you need a tourists visa.
  2. Private visa: These are usually if someone has invited the individual over in his country and is intended only for important purposes.
  3. Visa for medical reasons: The individual gets a medical visa if he needs to visit foreign countries for any medical concerns. It's basically for the ones affected and is in search of medical treatment overseas.
  4. Business visa: The individuals belonging from other nations but want to expand their business in a foreign state, this visa is a must for them.
  5. Athletic or artistic visa: The individuals participating in various sports and athletics or the artists as well participating in different competitions are given this visa. They can go over different countries to expand and grow their shows, concerts and talents.
  6. Pilgrimage visa: This is especially for the individuals looking forward to religious visits in different countries. If you are interested entirely in the religious ceremonies and devotional events across the seas, this visa is more preferable.
  7. Refugee visa: This is for the individuals stuck in difficult situations of doing or die and looking forward to an escape from either war, natural disasters, persecution or any such calamities.
  • Long stay visas: The long-stay visas too can be divided into different options as follows!
  1. Student Visa: This visa is a good one for the students studying and acquiring masters' degree abroad.
  2. Temporary worker visa: This visa allows you to gain temporary employment in foreign territory.
  3. Residence visa: This is granted to the people looking forward to the long term residency.
  4. Asylum visa: This is given to the individuals looking forward to escaping prosecution or political tensions in their owns country.
  • Immigrant visas: This visa is issued for the people interested in having a permanent settlement on the foreign country.

There are yet other kinds of visas too which include marital status or related situations where one is conditioned to travel accordingly. You can surely find the details about it over a tourist's visa online website or Wikipedia.

How do I get a visa for Angola?

Requirements for Angola Visa On Arrival

  • Visitors to Angola should know that visa can be obtained either from the ANGOLAN DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS or can for a PRE VISA ONLINE. 
  • If the visitors belong to one of the visa-exempt countries, they can travel in Angola with their ordinary or normal passport without a visa.
  • The tourist's visa should be used within a duration of 60 days. The validity of this visa is for 30 days. Thus the visitor can extend the period of his/her stay in Angola as per the necessity.
  • It is very important that the passports must be valid for a minimum period of the next 9 months.
  • The passport must contain at least contain two empty pages as well.
  • The visitor won't require a transit visa if he/she is travelling to some other country via Angola. It is applicable as long as the visitor stays on the premises of the Airport.

The citizens of the following mentioned Angola Visa-Free countries having normal passports can visit Angola without a visa. It's allowed for 30 days per visit.

  • Botswana
  • Cape Verde
  • Mauritius
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Rwanda 
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

List of ports which favours Visa On Arrival is

  • Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (Luanda)
  • Lubango Airport
  • Massabi (Republic of the Congo border)
  • Luau(Democratic Republic of the Congo border)
  • Curoca(Namibia border)

Online pre visa/Visa On Arrival

It's since 30TH March 2018, 59 countries are allowed to access the Angola Visa On Arrival service. Also, the visitors should first apply for the pre visa online with the Migration and Foreigners Service. After the pre-visa is granted, they can then obtain a Visa On Arrival. To get pre-visa, applicants must submit proof of accommodation and subsistence means, a return ticket and the International Certificate of Vaccination.

The list of the 59 countries is as follows

l EU citizens Algeria Argentina
Australia Brazil Canada
Chile China Cuba
Eswatini Equatorial Guinea Guinea-Bissau
Iceland India Indonesia
Israel Japan Lesotho
Madagascar Malawi Monaco
Morocco New Zealand Norway
Russia Sao Tome South Korea
Switzerland Timor-Leste United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United States Uruguay
Vatican City Venezuela  

How to Apply for the Visa Online?

Below are the steps on How to get Angola Visa Online:

  1. You need to complete the online application. Complete the form by filling in all the required details.
  2. Make the required payments.
  3. You can verify the procedures via the registered mail. You will be notified once your visa application is completed.
  4. You get your visa once you arrive and it will be stamped when you will be done with the immigration process.
  5. After you enter the country of your choice, just present the given document and your passport!!

How long does it take to get Angola Visa?

Via online procedures, it takes appreciably fewer days than any procedures through the embassy.

Is Angola safe?

Angola gained independence from the Portugal rule after 1975. Since then the developmental strategies has witnessed an appreciative growth. It has been a peaceful state at least from 2002.

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