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Planning to go to Angola will have you thinking about an inexpensive but rich experience. This is possible if you are aware of the Angola visa fees and how will it affect your overall trip. Without knowing even a bit about this can put you in trouble by choosing the wrong option for your trip! With tourist visa online giving you such information on the fee of the visa, you might as well use it to your advantage and get a visa that matches your journey and planning well! 

About Angola:

Angola is a country which is located on the west coast of South Africa. It is one of the vastest countries in Africa. It is one of the places that has not b=yet been discovered by travelers. While this place is very famous for its oil industry, it also has many other unique adventures yet to be discovered by the adventurers around the world. Luanda which is also the capital city of Angola is said to be one of the richest cities around the world. One can see both great waterfalls and rock formations which is seen nowhere else in the world. With these many unique specialties, Angola is now considered to be one of the places that are a definite tourist enjoying the place!

Guidelines for your travel:

One who wishes to travel to Angola can have various options ranging right from business visa to student visa all being issued to the foreigners. However, these visas are all issued based on some rules that have been pre-set in order to bring in some regulations while issuing the visa. This pre-set bunch of rules is known as the Angola visa policy. This includes all of the important rules to be followed by the foreigner in order to get a legitimate visa. You can take a look through the link provided and can also follow the guidelines for applying for a visa as well!

Visa options:

Coming to the visa fee which is the main topic, you have two options. With tourist visa online giving only tourist visa to its customers you can have the following options:

1. A standard visa application:

This option allows you to apply for a tourist visa which gives only a single entry into the country. This visa will have a validity of 60 days but the stay period allowed for a foreigner is only for 30 days. This visa application will cost you 145.0 USD with an additional service fee which will be decided on the basis of your nationalism or which country you belong to. The visa processing will hardly take about five to seven days and will be available to you through a mail. 

2. The urgent visa application:

In this type of application, you can apply for the above-mentioned visa which is valid for the same time period. The only difference here would be the processing time required for the visa. As in the first case, the visa processing time is about five to seven days. While in this case, the visa processing time will be only around two days. While the visa fee remains the same, there will be an additional service fee of 200.0 USD applicable.

While the former case would be best if you are on a free trip or on a vacation and have no urgent cases as to why you need to go to Angola. However, the second option comes into place when you need to attend an urgent meeting which will be based on businesses or national emergencies, or it may also be due to some sudden accidents or deaths. To sum it up you can apply for an urgent visa in case of an unprecedented incident. 


Q. Will it be possible to get a business visa through tourist visa online?

Tourist visa online only provides a tourist visa for its customers. However, you can apply for a business visa through the embassy.

Q. Will it be possible for a kid to get an urgent visa?

An applicant without any age group can apply for a visa be it an urgent or a standard one.

Q. How can I trust tourist visa online with my visa application?

It is our motto at tourist visa online that we provide best services at reasonable rates which mean that you can put in your entire trust on us regarding your visa application and can be assured about getting an authentic visa, unlike some other companies that just take out money and use it for their purpose.

Q. Will I be able to plan my budget before going to Angola?

Now that you have entire information about the Angola visa fees you can definitely plan your budget before going on for a trip.

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