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Next trip from China to Angola? Yes, why not! You can definitely go to Angola from China! But you will probably need to take an Angola visa from China. But this is only possible when you know how the application for an Angola visa actually works. Once you have an idea about this you can easily apply for one without any worries. Tourist visa online will guide you through all of the ways that you can apply for an Angola visa along with the rates you will have to pay when you apply for the visa. China is the world's most populous country and also the third or fourth-largest country by area, covering approximately 9,600,000 square kilometers. Apply Angola visa from China and get your visa in the fastest processing time.


Q. Is it necessary for a Chinese national to apply for an Angola visa before traveling?

Yes, it is a must that a Chinese national must take a visa to Angola before travel. This visa will allow the border crossing and hence having a visa in hand is absolutely necessary. 

Q. Is there any other document that a Chinese citizen must carry when entering the country on an Angola visa?

Yes, you will have to show your valid passport along with the Angola visa to get an entry. If any of the documents are found missing you will not get an entry. 

Q. For how many days can a Chinese citizen stay in Angola with a tourist visa?

With the help of an Angola tourist visa, a Chinese citizen can stay for about 30 days in the country. 

Q. Is the tourist visa for 30 days extendable?

Yes, a Chinese citizen can apply for an extension of visa provided that you have all the valid reasons as to why you want to get an extension. If this is not clear there are chances that your visa extension application can get canceled. This will happen mostly in the cases when you stay in Angola even after your visa has expired and you have no reason to stay anymore in the country. 

Q. What types of visas can a Chinese citizen apply for when applying for an Angola visa?

There are different Angola visa types including a business visa, a tourist visa, a student visa, and all other types as well. You can choose one from the list and apply for the one that best suits your purpose. 

Q. What are the documents that a Chinese citizen must provide to get a visa applied for?

For getting a visa applied for Angola travel you will have to submit the following documents:

  • A scan of your Chinese citizenship passport. This passport must have six months worth of validity after you arrive into the country
  • A photo of the citizen of China who will be applying for the Angola visa. 
  • A vaccination certificate against yellow fever which has been issued to you must be presented.
  • A proof proving your financial status must be provided in order to get the Angola visa
  • Flight tickets from China to Angola and those from Angola to China that has been booked must also be submitted as a copy. 
  • Keep a payment means ready with you to pay the fees for the visa. 

Q. How much time will it take for my visa to reach me if I apply for an Angola visa through Tourist visa online from China?

If you are applying for an Angola visa from China it will take a total time of about five to seven days to reach you. 

Q. Is the cost of the Angola visa too high when applying from China?

No, you need not worry about the Angola visa cost when you will apply for one from China. Through tourist visa online you can be assured to get the best prices for the visa when you apply for one. 

Q. How much will it cost me if I apply for an Angola tourist visa for 30 days from China?

An Angola visa that has been applied for from China will cost you 145.0 US dollars and will also have an additional visa service fee of 26.0 US dollars. This service fee will be applicable in case of a standard delivery option. 

Q. What if a member from my family will be departing for Angola and I want to join her in about two days of time will I get the visa if I apply now?

If you apply for a visa two days before the trip it will be hard to get it within that time period especially if you apply for a standard delivery option. This however can be possible if you apply for an emergency visa processing option. This however will cost a service fee of 200.0 US dollars along with the visa fees. 

Hence you can definitely apply for an Angola visa from China with just some of the click and an application form.


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