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Hey there, worried about Angola Visa? Here's all you might need to know about the Angola Visa and Angola Visa types, ways to apply Angola Visa and all the procedures! The requirements and documentation as per the Embassy of Angola for the Angola E Visa Online is mentioned below. Ready to have a look? Let's explore!


  • What is an Angola Visa?
  • What are the requirements for Angola Visa?
  • Angola Visa types(as per the Republic of Angola)
  • What are the documents required while entering Angola?
  • What are the documents required for the Angola Visa procedures?
  • What are some other useful sites where you can contact the Republic of Angola?
  • What are the contact details of the Republic of Angola Embassies?

What is an Angola Visa?

The acceptable document which is asked to be provided by the Republic of Angola when any one is about to enter or exit the Angola country is the "Angola Visa". The official document can be acquired in various ways, either online or offline. If applied for the procedures of visa online, you might not miss the Tourist Visa Online website for the same. While if you are preceding offline, you should know that it's strictly The Migration and Foreigners Service which under looks over the visa applications.

Angola's main organization which takes care of the visas and the travelling events is the Migration and Foreigners Service. It is responsible for executing policies and legislative and important regulatory measures. It looks after the entry, transit, exit and control of the permanence and activities of foreign citizens.

Requirements for Angola Visa

  • Visitors to Angola should know that visa can be obtained either from the ANGOLAN DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS or can apply on PRE VISA ONLINE. 
  • If the visitors belong to one of the visa-exempt countries, they can travel in Angola with their ordinary or normal passport without a visa.
  • The tourist's visa should be used within a duration of 60 days. The validity of this visa is for 30 days. Thus the visitor can extend the period of his/her stay in Angola as per the necessity.
  • It is very important that the passports must be valid for a minimum period of the next 9 months.
  • The passport must contain at least contain two to four empty pages as well.
  • The visitor won't require a transit visa if he/she is travelling to some other country via Angola. It is applicable as long as the visitor stays on the premises of the Airport.
  • The invitation letter must compulsory have three months of validity.

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Angola Visa types(as per the Republic of Angola)

Please note: Every type of visa has normal service of 15 days, express service of 8 days; can be used for 30 days and is renewable for twice.

  • Ordinary Visa: Family affairs, holidays, religious etc are some of the reasons for which an ordinary visa is granted.
  • Short-Term Visa: The visas which are issued for relatively a short amount of time is a short term visa.
  • Tourist Visa: A lot of tourist attractions and places are always welcoming tourists from all over the world. Thus to enter a foreign country just as a tourist, you need a tourists visa.
  • Transit Visa: If the individual is reaching his destined country via some other country, he then requires a transit visa in order to spend the given amount of time in the same country. Until his next flight; he/she is free to visit different places in the same country if they have a transit visa. Its validity is for limited hours or days. A confirmed return ticket should also be available with the user of this visa.
  • Work Visa: This visa allows you to gain temporary employment in foreign territory.
  • Residence Permit Visa: This is granted to the people looking forward to the long term residency
  • Temporary Visa: The visa issued on a temporary basis for whatsoever mentioned reason must fall in this category.
  • Normal Privilege Visa: The visa application for some domestic reason and not a professional one falls under this column.
  • Privilege Visa: Business contacts, meetings, conferences and charity etc are the peculiar reasons for which privileged visa can be issued.
  • Student Visa: This visa is a good one for the students studying and acquiring masters' degree abroad.
  • Visa for Medical Treatment: The individual gets a medical visa if he needs to visit foreign countries for any medical concerns. It's basically for the ones affected and is in search of medical treatment overseas.

Documents required while entering Angola

The documents that can be asked are as follows. It can vary according to the reason for your visit to Angola. Surely make a note of it before applying for any visa as it can be rejected due to the lack of documents or even their validity.

  • National passport (9 months further validity)
  • Emergency travel document (if required)
  • Military census (if required)
  • Registry and notary (if required)
  • Visas 

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Documents required for the Angola Visa procedures

Following are the Document Required for Angola Visa:

  1. A valid passport for a minimum of one year with at least 4 empty pages
  2. A recent photograph is surely applicable for the official use and with a white background.
  3. The entire original supporting documents are needed for the submission of the Visa. These documents vary depending on the Visa type you are applying to. Please read the list of the document listed against your visa selection carefully.
  4. Please note while submitting these documents now through the website will enable the authorities to make a decision on your application, it is mandatory to take the original documents with you when visiting the consulate for biometric data collection and interviews for verification purposes.

Please make a note that the documents to be uploaded should be scanned and saved prior to the process of upload.

Please ensure that all images are captured accordingly by setting your scanner to the following:

  • All scans should be done in greyscale. Please do not scan coloured images or black and white.
  • The scan resolution should be set to a minimum of 100dpi and a maximum of 150dpi. Please ensure your scanner is set up correctly
  • All scan sizes should be a standard A4
  • When saving the images please ensure that you either save them as JPEG or TIFF format.

The contact details of the Republic Of Angola Embassies

  • Embassy of Angola in Brussels: RUE FRANZ MERJAY, 182 1050 BRUXELLES  +3223461872
  • Embassy of Angola in Stockholm: -SKEPPSBRON 8, 111 33 STOCKHOLM BOX 3199  +46824289
  • Embassy of Angola in Geneva: ESINGERSTRASSE 48 CH. 30006 BERNE +41227323060
  • Embassy of Angola in Lisbon: AVENIDA DA REPUBLICA 68 CP 1069 213 LISBOA +351217067041/43
  • Embassy of Angola in London: 22 DORSET STREET LONDON W1U 6QY +442072999850
  • Embassy of Angola in Madrid: LAGASCA, 88 2º PISO / 2801 MADRID +34914356168
  • Embassy of Angola in Moscow: OLOF PALME ST. 119590 MOSCOW +74951436334
  • Embassy of Angola in Paris: 19, AVENUE FOSCH 75016 - PARIS +33145015820
  • Embassy of Angola in Paris:19, AVENUE FOSCH 75016 - PARIS +33145015820
  • Embassy of Angola in Rome: VIA DRUSO, 39 00184 – Roma +39067726951
  • Embassy of Angola in Rotterdam: LANGE VOOR HOUT 46 2514 EG-DEN HAAG +3110703020057
  • Embassy of Angola in Warsaw: UL. BALONOWA 20, 02-635, WARSZAWA +48228440994
  • Embassy of Angola in Vienna: SEILERSTAITTE 15, 10 STOCK TUR 10A - 1010 WIEN +4317187488
  • Consulate of Angola in Faro: AV. CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN LOTE Q, 1 ESQ +351910336263
  • Consulate of Angola in London: 46 BEDFORD SQUARE, WC1B 3DP, LONDON +44(0)2072918700
  • Embassy of Angola in Pretoria: 1030 Francis Baard Street, Hatfield Pretoria 0083 +27123420049/50
  • Consulate of Angola in Johannesburg: Waterside Place, 15 Zullberg Close Bruma 2198 +27116169621
  • Consulate of Angola in Durban: 54 Gladys Manzi Road Durban +27313126516
  • Consulate of Angola in Cape: 1st. Floor, The Pavillion, Thibault +27214258700
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