Angola Non Immigrant Visa

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If you are looking to stay in the land of Angola for a short temporary period, then a Non-immigrant visa is for you.

Before worrying about your flight reservations, the first thing for you to learn about is Angola Non-immigrant visa.

Here in this article, you will find every detail regarding your non-immigrant visa

Why do I need a Non-Immigrant visa?

You will be needing Angola non-immigrant visa if you wish to travel to Angola for work or travel purposes.

This visa will be for a fixed period and will vary based upon each traveller's nationality and purpose of visit.

Visa Policy of Angola

Here's the Angola visa policy that the applicants need to know about.

Angola government has introduced an e-visa, which will automatically get linked with your passport when it is approved. The whole visa is processed online.

Your Angola visa type and requirements vary from traveller to traveller based upon their purpose of travelling to Angola.

Tourists on valid tourist visas are not allowed to work or do any business activities in Angola

There are selected countries that are allowed to get visas on arrival in Angola. However, this type of visa is not convenient all the time.

Travellers must be vaccinated against yellow fever as it is a potential health threat in Angola.

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Types of Non-immigrant Angola visa

Tourist visa

You will require a Tourist visa in case you are planning to go to Angola for vacation and recreational activities.

This visa is going to will allow you a stay of 30 days.

Angola Tourist visa requirements

  • Valid Passport
  • Coloured passport size photographs
  • Hotel reservations or Invitation by family or friends as Proof of Stay
  • Bank statement
  • Confirmed flight tickets (onward and return).
  • Personal details like address, nationality and date of birth
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate

Business visa

You would require this visa if you are travelling for work purposes to Angola. This could be for attending a meeting, conference or touring the company.

Angola Business visa requirements

  • Copy of Taxes paid by the host company
  • Business permit
  • Invitation letter by the host company in Angola
  • Bank statement of employee
  • two coloured passport size photographs
  • Hotel reservations copy or letter of invitation if you are going to stay with your friends or family.

Student visa

Student visas are granted to those who get admission to Institutions that are situated in Angola.

Angola student visa requirements:

  • Filled visa application
  • Letter of request addressed to Diplomatic Mission of Angola
  • Proof of enrollment into the university
  • Statement by applicant pledging to vow Angola government rules
  • Medical certificate
  • Three coloured passport size pictures
  • Internship program contract (if applicable)
  • Evidence by the institution stating that the applicant was enrolled in their institute.

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How do I get my visa?

You can easily get your visa online. Angola e-visa requires you dully fill your e-visa application with correct details and then submit the digital scan of required documents.

Once you are done with your application, you are asked to pay the required fee and will be able to track your application status and will receive your approved e-visa through your email.

However, some countries aren't eligible for Angola e-visa, they will have to apply through the Angola embassy.

Visa Free countries

Selected countries are allowed to enter Angola legally without a visa. All they need is their valid national passport.

Citizens of South Africa, Rwanda, Namibia and Rwanda can enter Angola by just showing their passport at the borders.

Apply Angola Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Quatro de Fevereiro Airport
  • Lubango Airport.
  • Masabi
  • Luau
  • Curacao
  • Calai

  • Carry your visa everywhere
  • Homosexuality attracts negative attention in Angola
  • Carry your identity documents all the time
  • Airlines and airports refuse to allow drunk passengers entry.
  • Do not use the camera, GPS binoculars near government institutions.

Catholicism is widely practised in Angola.

  • Do not walk alone after dark
  • Avoid wearing jewellery in public places.
  • Do not ask for a change of the large sum of money in public buses
  • Avoid walking between bars and restaurants
  • Be very careful while withdrawing money from a bank

Yes, you would require an Angola visa to enter the country legally, unless you belong to visa-free countries.

Yes, your application can be rejected if your documents or information doesn't match the requirements.

All you need to do is get in contact with a Tourist visa online and fill your application.

Your application will be processed without any fuss and you will receive your visa online through your email.

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