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The nation with lots of significant features and a dubbed city of Paris, Luanda, seems very fascinating while visiting. Luanda is the country's capital and administrative centre too. This city of Angola is titled as "Paris of Africa", because it so closed architecture like the official city of France, Paris. Recently, this city was declared as the most expensive city in Africa for expiates. 

Angola Visa

To visit such a magnificent and monetary country, you should receive a legal arrival permit from that respective country. This arrival permit is formally known as the Angola E visa.

Angola allows different types of visas like tourist, transit and business visa. Every Angola e visa has its characteristics and features. Their visa validity and staying validity are very different from each other along with their e visa costs too.

Prior the country followed the traditional visa system to accord visa to its visitors but after its complete freedom and constant economic growth, the nation now issued Angola E-visa Online to its visitors. 

In March 2018, the Migration and Foreigners Service Office of Angola began issuing tourist E-visa on arrival for citizens of 59 countries in against of charging 120 OUSD. 

Angola Visa Exempt Countries:

Visa exemption simply means that nationalities from selected several countries can take a prison-free legal entry into the country without asking for an arrival permit from that respective country. Thus, natives from selected countries can take an Angola visa-free visit in the country for up to 30 days per visit. 

Now, Angola has some levelled conditions over visa exemption conditions which differ as per nation and passport type. 

The citizen who is a normal passport holder can visit Angola for max 30 days per visit, it includes a list of 11 countries:

Botswana Cape Verde Mauritius Mozambique
Namibia Rwanda Seychelles Singapore
South Africa Zambia Zimbabwe  

Native who is diplomatic or formal passport holder and must be belonging from any of these countries:

A diplomatic passport is a passport that is issued to the government representative. For ex-President of the country, government ambassador, etc.

So, in case of Angola, it allots visa-free entry to these nationalities, diplomatic passport holder

Algeria Argentina Brazil Cape Verde
Brazil Cuba Egypt France
Guinea-Bissau Indonesia Italy Mozambique
Russia South Africa South Korea Sao Tome and Principle
Spain Switzerland Venezuela Vietnam

Hence, this is all about,  Angola visa exemption countries. Let's discuss the various common query, which mostly every visitor curious to ask and get answered. Is Angola a granted visa on arrival at the airport to its visitors?

The answer is yes, but similarly not to every country in the world. Angola is a nation of high morals and security and that is why this country distributed the visa allotment procedure into various segments.

Among all we have discussed the two segments above, here we'll discuss the third and the last segment of Angola visa service, which is "countries who are eligible for Angola E-visa on arrival at the airport".

This segment grasp 59 countries of the world, who is an eligible applicant for Angola E-visa on arrival at the airport.

l EU citizens Algeria Argentina
Australia Brazil Canada
Chile China Cuba
Eswatini Equatorial Guinea Guinea-Bissau
Iceland India Indonesia
Israel Japan Lesotho
Madagascar Malawi Monaco
Morocco New Zealand Norway
Russia Sao Tome South Korea
Switzerland Timor-Leste United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United States Uruguay
Vatican City Venezuela  


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