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A week-long trip to Angola would be sufficient to cover all the major sites, one would want to see and visit, an Angola 7 day visa is the best option to go about this.

In the mostly landlocked Central Africa, you will find Angola with its terrains and beaches. The country has a complex structure of rivers all over its sub-Saharan deserts extending borders.

Angola has a history of colonization which is why; it still has a lot of culture and architecture from the 1800s. Portugal has influenced a lot of its art, culture, monuments and building and even food.

With an Angola visa, you can experience a wide array of its cultural environments in just a week’s time.

In this article, we are going to help you get just that. Read below to find out the visa process with your local consulate or travel agency.

Kinds of Visa

If you are a citizen of an exempted country then you can apply for an Angola E-visa for 7 days. Travellers can also opt for the visa on arrival option if their passport allows them. It is available at multiple entry points at the airport.

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Generally, there are two main visas to be issued depending on the visit’s purpose:

Tourist Visa

This is the right option for a short-term visit. Tourists and visitors who want to sightsee for a few days and then leave can get this.

Depending on single or double entries, your visa can cost anywhere between $100 -$200.

Business Visa

If your purpose of visit to Angola is to conduct financial business, such as opening a company or organisation or conduct a deal with a host organisation then this is the visa you need.

You can stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days by paying around $150 in visa fee.


If you are getting an Angola e-visa for 7 days or applying for a tourist visa in person you will need to present certain documents. Usually, a travel agency like tourist visa online can assist you with making sure the papers are sufficient. However, for your information we are listing the most important documents needed to apply for the Angola visa:

  • A passport that has validity for twelve months on it.
  • Scan the passport digitally for the e-visa and make sure it has at least four empty pages.
  • A passport-sized photograph, taken against a white background.
  • Vaccination certificates for Covid 19 as well as yellow fever.
  • Bank account statements as proof of your sufficient funds.
  • Flight details of return ticket.
  • Travel plans as well as accommodation details of where you will be putting up while in the country.

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More and more countries around the world are adopting the electronically generated visa rather than the traditional visa generation method.

In March 2018 the government in the country hopped on the bandwagon and started its own Angola e-visas.

  • Visit the official immigration website to apply for the e-visa or check out this travel agency website to ask for their assistance.
  • You must enter all the information in the form according to the passport you will be applying it with.
  • Make sure to have a working an active email address to receive the 7 day Angola visa after approval.
  • Decide on an online payment method to submit the visa fee after filling the form.
  • Once the application is submitted, it may take up to 10 days for you to get the mail.
  • Get a hard copy of the Angola E-visa and take it with you to present to the border security.

Apply Angola Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Travelers can remain in the country with an Angola e-visa for up to 30 days.

No, for now, people from 66 countries can get an e-visa, you can visit the tourist visa online website to check your eligibility.

The quarantine process applicability depends on whether or not you are vaccinated. (By Angola government-approved vaccines)

Once your Angola visa has been approved and processed, you can use it anytime to enter the country in the next six months. But you have to use it within a 60 day time period.

No, an Angola e-visa does not provide you with the appropriate permission to work. Visitors need to apply for a separate work permit to do so.

The government is only issuing visas to work permit holders and residents coming back to the country.

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