angola visa for algeria nationals

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Angola Visa is the necessary document one might need while entering Angola. Angola e visa Online services, as well as other necessary Angola visa requirements, are discussed below.


  • What is an Angola visa?
  • How do I get a visa for Angola?
  • How can I apply for the Angola visa online?
  • How long does it take to get an Angola visa?
  • What is Angola famous for?
  • Angola visa for Algeria Nationals
  • Angola visa documents requirement for Algeria Nationals
  • Angola visa-free countries
  • Is Angola safe for the tourists?

What is an Angola visa?

Angola visa is similar to any other visa which grants you access in the country. It is attached to the passport or if the procedure is online, it's linked to your passport number. Citizens of 'Angola visa-free countries' can surely enter Angola without any visa and every time they enter; can stay up to for 30 days. They require a normal passport to enter whereas others (non-visa exempt countries) need a visa with additional necessary required documents. Angola Visa allows you and serves you the permission to enter Angola.

How do I get a visa for Angola?

Most asked question How do I get a visa for Angola, As technology is diverse and has become too handy for us, similarly, visas can also be obtained in two ways. You can get it either through the nearby embassy which grants the visa or via the online procedures. Angola visa can be obtained with simple steps if you apply online. Time is saved whereas the rates, too, are affordable. It saves you the tremendous hardships and delays one might face while applying offline.

Migration and Foreigners Service is the official organization of Angola which looks after the entry, transit, exit and control of the permanence and activities of foreign citizens.

Whereas, Diplomatic Missions as well as a separate organization within the Republic of Angola to grant the documentation work.

How can I apply for the Angola visa online?

If you are looking forward to apply online, the steps are as follows.

Steps to apply for Angola Visa Online:

  1. Visit Tourist Visa Online
  2. Complete the online application by filling in the necessary details.
  3. Upload the required documents, e.g. - photos, etc. (list of the documents mentioned below)
  4. After uploading the details, the rates will be provided according to your application. If you agree with the procedure, make the required payments. The payment can be done via the credit/debit cards or the other internet banking options.
  5. You will be ensured of the secure transaction lines.
  6. You will receive the notifications on the registered email. It will keep you updated about the status of your visa. Once it's confirmed, you will get the visa on mail.
  7. Once you enter Angola, provide the passport and the visa to the officer and henceforth, you are free to access the country without any difficulty.

How long does it take to get an Angola visa?

Normally, via Tourist Visa Online you will receive the visa in almost 7-9 days without any further delay. If you try the same procedure through any other modes, you might face the hardships like delay, errors etc. in the process. Instead, even if you apply through the embassy, they too will take a little longer duration than online methods.

What is Angola famous for?

Angola, a beautiful country in southwestern Africa has a very fascinating tribal crowd. It has various tropical Atlantic beaches, Sub Saharan desserts and Labyrinthine system of rivers. The Angola cuisines are very popular all over the continents. People and the traditional norms with a completely different lifestyle are heart captivating.

Angola visa for Algeria Nationals

Dear Algeria citizens, every other document required to apply for Angola visa for Algeria Nationals is almost the same for you as well. You belong to one of the non-visa exempt countries and thus you are required to provide a visa when asked by the Angola officers. As mentioned above, you can definitely apply for the visa through the tourist visa online website. If not, you need to contact the nearby embassy to get your visa documents ready.

Angola visa documents requirement for Algeria Nationals

  1. A valid passport for a minimum of one year with at least 4 empty pages
  2. A recent photograph is surely applicable for the official use and with a white background.
  3. The entire original supporting documents are needed for the submission of the Visa. These documents vary depending on the Visa type you are applying to. Please read the list of the document listed against your visa selection carefully.
  4. Please note while submitting these documents now through the website will enable the authorities to make a decision on your application, it is mandatory to take the original documents with you when visiting the consulate for biometric data collection and interviews for verification purposes.


  • Please make a note that the documents to be uploaded should be scanned and saved prior to the process of upload. 
  • Please ensure that all images are captured accordingly by setting your scanner to the following:
  • All scans should be done in grayscale. Please do not scan coloured images or black and white.
  • The scan resolution should be set to a minimum of 100dpi and a maximum of 150dpi. Please ensure your scanner is set up correctly
  • All scan sizes should be a standard A4
  • When saving the images please ensure that you either save them as JPEG or TIFF format. For more info regarding these formats please click here.

Angola Visa-free countries

There are various countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Angola with just an ordinary passport and can stay up to a maximum of 30 days every time they enter the country.

The list of these countries are as follows:

  • Botswana
  • Cape Verde
  • Mauritius
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Rwanda 
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

Is Angola safe for the tourists?

Luanda being the capital has a high amount of conspiracies. On the other hand, Angola hasn’t encountered any major terrorism since 2002. But it still remains to be on the list of one of the unsafe countries. You should try not to travel Angola without the assistance of well-qualified personnel. Women and other people normally carrying expensive materials are at high risks of getting robbed. It’s a good tourist state as every other existential one but you are at a higher risk of becoming a victim if it's Angola! Travelling at night should not be considered at all.

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