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Namibia Is A Country Bordered By Angola To The North and one the Most Fascinating Country In The World. Namibia Citizens Can Also Apply For Angola Visa From Namibia. Know More How To Apply for Angola Visa Online. Thinking how to go to Angola from Namibia? Well, this kind of happens with every first-time traveller so you are not the first one to think about this! But worry not as we at Tourist visa online will explain whether you need an Angola visa from Namibia or not! So where is this Angola place? Angola or also known as the Republic of Angola is the seventh-largest country on the west coast of Southern Africa! What makes this place so special? Well, tourism in this place is one thing that has left this place a total must-visit for all of the people! People from around the world ten to come to just take even a glance at this beautiful country!


Q. Does a Namibian citizen need a visa to travel to Angola?

No, you will not require to take a visa to travel to Angola. So this means that you can enjoy all of the wonders of Angola just by visiting this place without a visa. 

Q. Why is it that citizens of Namibia do not require a visa to travel to Angola?

Namibia comes under the Angola visa-free countries list and hence they are eligible to travel to Angola even without a visa. 

Q. Is it only Namibia that can travel to Angola without a visa?

No there are 10 other countries that have been included in the list, whose nationals can travel without a visa. 


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Q. What is the number of days allowed for a Namibian citizen to stay in Angola without a visa?

A citizen of Namibia is allowed to stay only for 30 days on each entry into Angola. 

Q. What if the stay validity has expired?

If the stay validity for your visa-free entry has expired you will have to exit the country and go to your own nation. 

Q. Is Angola safe for Namibian tourists?

Yes, now with all the tourism developments taking place, Angola is now safe for a citizen of Namibia to enter. 


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Q. What are the documents that I need to show if I have to enter without a visa into Angola?

If you are from Namibia and you hold a passport belonging to Namibia you will have to show this passport that will prove your citizenship. Once your citizenship has been proved you will be able to enter without a visa. 

Q. Can a diplomatic passport holder of Namibia enter without a visa into Angola?

Yes, it is possible for a diplomatic passport holder from Namibia to enter Angola without a visa apart from the normal passport holders. 

With this now you can enter without an Angola visa from Namibia. This means no more waiting for your visa to be issued to enter the country. Just pack your bags and leave!

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