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Angola is a country in southern Africa with a wayward economy. This, as such, has not prevented the country from receiving the achievements.

Angola is still one of the world's fastest-growing economies with a higher literacy rate than usual. In this blog, we will discuss the Angola Privilege Visa and how you can apply for this visa.

What is a privileged visa?

A privilege visa is a visa for individuals who have special status or rights. A privilege visa is not automatically given to all people who apply for it. Instead, certain people who need special protection are given special visas. 

The special status is because the visa holder was either born in another country or has married a national of the country they are trying to enter. If you are granted a privileged visa, it means you are allowed to enter the country without restrictions. If you are looking for a privileged visa in Angola, then you will be glad to know that they are very easy to apply for. They are also incredibly simple to be registered on.


Who is eligible to apply for a Privilege Visa?

The Privilege Visa Angola is a special visa available to citizens of some countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, the United States, Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. It is valid for one year and can be renewed for another year. There is no limit on the number of years you can renew the visa, but you need to apply for renewal with the Angolan consulate every year. The Privilege Visa is issued for business and tourism purposes and can be obtained upon arrival at the airport.

The most common kind of privilege visa that is issued in Angola is the business visa. Business visas are issued to anyone that is visiting Angola for business purposes. If you are trying to get a visa issued for Angola, then you need to know if you are eligible for the visa. 

A business visa will be issued if you can show that you are involved in some sort of trade or commerce that involves Angola. If you are exclusively traveling for vacation, you will be unable to obtain a visa. You will not be able to secure a visa if you are just visiting family members, just visiting friends, or just visiting on vacation.

How to apply for the privileged visa?

Everyone knows Angola is a country of great opportunities. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get one of the privilege visas that the Angolan government grants to investors and business people who bring capital into the country. The Angolan government wants to attract more foreign investors, but how can you apply for a privileged visa?

To apply for the privileged visa, you need to provide documents that prove your experience, education, and the fact that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Angola. You may be asked to provide copies of your degree certificate, passport, residence permit, proof of international vaccination, employment contract, bank statements, tax returns, and other documents.


How much time takes to process the visa?

There are currently no time frames set for the processing of visa applications. The visa application is expected to be handled within two weeks after receipt of all needed papers. The visa requirements are different for each person, depending on the type of visa required, the nationality of the applicant, and their current status in Angola.

The Angola visa application process varies depending on the country of origin, bank requirements,s and personal circumstances of the applicant. The process is further complicated with the Angolan visa rules often requiring applicants to submit documents in Portuguese. 

Every foreigner intending to visit Angola can apply for a variety of visas. A short-stay visa is available for those who wish to visit Angola for a short period These visas are valid for 60 days with a staying validity for 30 days. 

A transit visa is available for those who wish to transit through Angola and is valid for 10 days. The others arriving after one of Angola's international airports can receive a 30-day Angola Tourist visa . A visa issued in advance is usually issued for months and can be issued for a longer period. A work visa is available for those who wish to work in Angola and is valid for up to 1 year. A business visa is available for those who travel to Angola for work-related reasons valid for up to 3 months. A residency visa is available for those who wish to reside in Angola and is valid for up to 5 years.

How many documents are required to obtain a Privilege visa to Angola?

The people of Angola want to make it easy for you to visit Angola. That’s why they offer Privilege Visas to people they want to do business with. If you’re traveling to Angola for business, you’ll need to apply for a Privilege visa

Unless you wish to conduct business there, you must apply for a Privilege Visa. You can stay in Angola for up to 30 days with the Privilege Visa. You can apply for an online visa application when you arrive in Angola. If you’re already visiting Angola, you can apply for an online visa application at your hotel.

To register for the privilege visa, you must submit documentation proving your expertise, education, and the fact that you have enough money to sustain yourself while in Angola with the copies of your degree certificate, passport, residency permit, proof of ticket reservation with return tickets, proof of international vaccination,  job contract, bank statements, tax returns, and other papers may be requested.



The Angola visa is a privilege that you can only get if you have some sort of relation to Angola. You might have a friend or family member who lives there and can invite you to come and visit, you could be a journalist and want to visit the country to write about it, or you might be a tourist wanting to visit some of the most interesting places in the country. Regardless of the reason, you will need to apply for the visa and you will need to be able to prove that you are eligible for it.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to apply for a privileged visa application. So, what are you holding out for? Apply for your privileged visa right away.

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