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A visa is an official document that allows you to enter the premises of another territory/country for a particular period of time and along with some important instructions. Angola Visa on Arrival is the provision of a visa when you arrive in Angola. There are different types of visas as well which changes according to your reason for a visit. Read until the end to know more!


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Angola visa

An Angola Visa is a document that enables you to enter Angola without any restrictions. But before that, know whether you need a visa or no. 

The Republic of Angola has announced the countries whose citizens can travel to Angola without a visa- (Angola visa-free countries) while also the countries whose citizens require an Angola visa (Angola visa non-exempt countries) compulsory before traveling to Angola. 

The visitors must obtain a visa beforehand either from the Angolan Diplomatic Missions or a visa from online websites. 

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Angola visa types

Used for 30 days, valid for 60 days, single entry only

  • Short term visa 

Any visa which is issued for a reason which involves less number of stay days, it is called a short term visa. People having the work for comparably less number of days usually go with this kind of Visa.

  • Tourist visa

A visa issued for the purpose of tourism is called a tourist visa. People all over the world wishing to visit different spots in Djibouti for some relaxing Sundays or to get some refreshing time, go for a 'tourist visa'.  It is valid for 60 days and has a stay period of 30 days. Visit Tourist Visa Online website for more info.

  • Transit visa

Visas used in the case of connecting flights are called Transit visas. If you ought to travel to some other country via Angola international airport, you may require a transit visa.

As well, it depends if you decide you leave the airport premises or no. if you would wait in the airport itself until your next flight, you won't require any Transit visa. But if you decide to have some fun time in between the hours, you will require a transit visa before entering Angola! 

  • Work visa

This visa is issued if your visit is formal. If you are visiting Angola for some professional or business-related work, to attend some meetings or some work to be carried out with your collaboration, you do require a visa- work visa.

  • Residence permit visa

If an individual is having some necessity to stay in Angola, he/she will require a Residence permit visa for getting residency permission for a longer time.

  • Temporary visa

This visa is again similar to the short-term visa, issued temporarily for some work or any other reason which can be sorted in the least amount of time in Angola.

  • Student visa 

This visa is basically issued by the students who ought to get the education- master’s degree, or any other essential educational course from Angola. Its stay period and validity thus changes according to the need and pay the required charges as charged by the Republic of Angola.

  • Visa for medical treatment

This visa is mostly used if any person is looking for medical treatment or diagnostic tests in other countries. If anyone has a visa for medical treatment, he/she will be granted access on the basis of medical terms.

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Angola visa on arrival

According to the 2018 law passed by The Republic of Angola, visitors are prohibited from getting the Angola visa on arrival if no pre-visa process is done. Thus apply for the visa via Tourist Visa Online website and stay free of any further complications.

The Angola visa applied via Tourist Visa online has the following details:-

  • Stay period is of 30 days
  • Visa validity is of 60 days
  • The processing fees of Angola Visa changes from country to country.
  • Angola visa fees also change from country to country. 

Also, you cannot directly enter Angola after getting the Angola visa on Arrival. The officers in Angola will first make sure if you aren't having any major bad reputation which can lead to the rejection of your entry in Angola.

Travelers to Angola require the following documents while entering Angola:-

(With Angola Visa on Arrival)

  • A confirmed return ticket
  • Proof of accommodation and subsistence means
  • International certificate of Vaccination

After the granting of Pre-visa online, you can obtain the Visa on Arrival.

The following airports grant the visa on arrival in Angola:-

  • Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (Luanda)
  • Lubango Airport
  • Massabi (Republic of the Congo border)
  • Luau (Democratic Republic of the Congo border)
  • Curoca (Namibia border)
  • Calai (Namibia border)
  • Katwitwi (Namibia border)

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How to apply for Angola Visa?

There are numerous ways to apply for a visa. As technology grows globally, e-visas are the most frequently preferred ones.

While, if you are wishing to apply for the visa offline, you can certainly visit the nearby embassy and get the visa processes started.

But if you are wishing to apply online, Tourist Visa Online is the best option via which you can apply for Angola Visa without any delays and hardships!

Via tourist visa online:-

Follow the simple steps and get your visa!

  • Select the country in which you stay currently, your citizenship country as mentioned on the passport, and enter the country you want to visit or want the visa application form (Angola)
  • The rates will be displayed on the screen, if you agree with them, then you may proceed.
  • Fill the Angola visa online application form.
  • Upload the documents, whichever asked.
  • Make the payments online (either via credit-debit cards or via PayPal), get the confirmation mail.
  • You can track the status of your visa by using the reference code provided by them.
  • Once the visa procedure succeeds, you will get the visa via your registered mail.
  • Download the visa; get the printouts on A-4 sized paper. You are ready to fly!

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Covid-19 precautions before traveling

In the ongoing pandemic where the whole world has seized the travel activities, it is necessary that you make a note of additional required documents while traveling.

As per the Angola government, the medical reports, quarantine procedures, and other essential things are being carried out effectively once you enter Angola. Before that, you need to get the medical reports with "Covid-19 negative" results. If you turn out to be "Covid-19 positive", you will be quarantined and treated accordingly.

Wear your masks every time you travel. Carry hand sanitizers, avoid touching different touchpoints. Strictly follow the social distancing norms and try to stay safe. Stay healthy.


Q. Why apply via Tourist Visa Online?

  • Tourist Visa Online website has granted a visa to travelers from all over the world with a 99.9% success rate. 
  • Also with this, they are much experienced! Thus ensuring the least errors.
  • No time delays.
  • No hardships of traveling from office to office, one click and you get all the details.
  • 200+ countries around the globe access the services with satisfactory results.
  • They are also coming up with provisions to make the website much more user-friendly.
  • You can track your visa status online.
  • Last but not least, the rates are cheap and much affordable than any other website or organization.

Q. What is the Angola visa and Angola visa on arrival processing time?

The Angola visa processing time changes from country to country. But the range of time period is mostly 7-9 days. However, an Angola visa on arrival can be done processing in a day’s time.

Q. What is the official website of Angola?

The official website on Angola is: -

Apply Angola Visa

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