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Angola Visa From South Africa Can Be Obtain by Applying Online. Complete The Application Form with Necessary Documents. Learn More About Angola Visa Document Requirements, Angola Visa Fees. If you are from South Africa and you have a doubt whether you need a visa or not, then you have nothing to worry about as you will be cleared of this doubt right after you finish reading this article! Wondering if you need an Angola visa from South Africa? Then the answer is a big NO! You do not need a visa to travel to Angola. This means you can stay even without a visa in this country. Right from beaches to rivers to waterfalls and a vast coastline adorning this country, you will definitely get a chance to experience a wonderful vacation time no matter how bad your day has been back at home!


Q. What is an Angola visa?

For those who will be travelling from South Africa to Angola and are first-timers, here is what a visa is. The Angola visa is a way you can enter the country.  This document will play the role of your identity when you are in a foreign country. This visa is given for all those who have not been under the visa-exempt list. 

Q. So will a South African citizen need this visa to be taken to travel to Angola?

Here’s the best part, you do not need a visa to travel to Angola. As South Africa comes under the visa-exempt list you can easily enter the country without a visa. 

Q. What is the time period a South African citizen can stay in Angola?

A South African who will be visiting Angola can stay for a total of 30 days on each visit made to the country. 

Q. Will it be possible to stay for a longer period than 30 days?

No, it will not be quite possible to stay for more than 30 days in the country as this stay does not include a visa to support your stay and will entirely be a free one hence abiding by the rules is a must.


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Q. What if one of my relatives have met with an accident can I stay for more than the stay period allowed as my 30 days validity are about to end?

Yes, you can inform a nearby regional passport office about this incident, and they will make all the arrangements possible for your prolonged stay in the country. 

Q. Will there be any other restrictions to be followed while entering the country?

No there won’t be any restrictions that will be applicable but you will have to follow the customs statements to have a safer journey. This will include all the things you can carry and the ones you cannot. 

Q. What if I do not have a passport but only an ID card, is it possible to enter the country then?

No, you will be needed to provide a valid South African passport to enter Angola. 

This concludes that you do not need an Angola visa from South Africa but you will have to follow all the rules and regulations!

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