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Visa need is the most common paper which tourist requires whenever they planned their trip to Angola. This piece of paper is the only document that decides whether you are allowed by the Angolan government to visit the country or not. However, not every nation needs an Angola visa, some of them are set free to visit the nation on their normal country passport for maximum 30-60 days. These countries are usually called as Angolan visa-exempt countries. 

Now, the question is which country then needs a visa to visit a country like Angola? These are those countries that are apart from Angola Visa-exempt countries. Almost every country in the world is liable to apply for Angola visas except for some selected 11 countries. 

Angola visa required countries

This blog on Angola will help you to discover about the Angola visa-required countries. Look after the below-mentioned Countries to examine, is your country is a part of Angola visa required country or not?

If we mentioned going through the list of required nations it will be so long. So, let's examine the Angola visa-exempt countries which mean countries apart from this nation will require an Angola E-visa. Those 11 nations are-:

  • Botswana

  • Cape Verde

  • Mauritius 

  • Mozambique

  • Namibia

  • Rwanda

  • Seychelles

  • Singapore

  • South Africa

  • Zambia

  • Zimbabwe


If you are from these nations, you are allowed to visit the nation on a simple document requirement which is your nation's authorized passport. 

You have another very easy and time conserving option too to explore, your requirement to Angola e-visa. You can find it out on our given website touristvisaonline.com. 

  • Visit the website tourist visa online.

  • Go the visa section and chose Angola

  • Fill your citizenship and living country

  • And soon you’ll get encounter with the option like “required or not required”. 


If you have any query please contact us at +91-8178767972 or you can write to us at contact@touristvisaonline.com


Angola Visa Required Documents:

  • Your passport must be valid for 6 months before arrival at the airport

  • Have at least one blank visa page, which is not be torn, separate or altered in any other way

  • Complete application form with the correct filled information’s 

  • Multiple passport size photographs

  • The photographs must be taken against white backgrounds. 

  • You face should not be covered with any accessories or headgear except religious

  • Proof of your accommodation or confirm hotel bookings

  • Necessarily submit confirmed flight tickets 

  • Copy of your itinerary

  • Proof of your medical or vaccination international certificate

  • Details of credit/debit card as a proof that you bear your expenses in Angola as long as you stay here

In case if you are sponsored, which is of two types, business or Kin’s place visit

  1. If you called by the Angolan organization or visit the country to attend some business meeting, seminar or events, 

  • You must submit the Invitation letter which is received from that authorized organization with these required above mentioned documents.

  1. If you called by your relative or kin, likewise

  • Your kin should submit the invitation letter to you along with their residence ID, so that, you send ahead for the further visa process

  • The minor applicant is obliged to hold a consent letter from their parents.


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