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We have all heard about Angola which is famous for its colonial history and is situated in South Africa. It is influenced by Portugal as we can see it from its varied landscapes. Quicama National Park, is one of the beautiful famous wildlife parks where we can also find Cuanza and Longa rivers which makes the place a more attractive one. You can also camp in these area. Kalandula Falls is popularly known for its size and attracts a lot of tourists. Mussolo Is the place where you can enjoy surfing. Cliff at Viewpoint of Moon is another eye catching attraction spot which is mesmerizing. Iona National Park is the wildlife enriched park which is visited by all as it is amazingly located in a desert. Fortress of Sao Miguel Is a museum which has a lot of artefacts and other historical things of 16th century and amazes the tourist with its unique features. Ilha de Luanda island, in this place, you can visit here when you are too tired of sightseeing and going to the tourist attraction spots so you can relax here for one day. Parque Nacional da Cangandala  Is a photogenic tourist attraction spot and no one misses this place As it also has rivers to add to its beauty. After hearing the description of Angola, you might be thinking of visiting the place. You don’t need to worry about visiting because you can get a visa if you apply online via Tourist Visa Online. We will help you through the process of the application for the visa to Angola. Even after that if you have any kind of problems then please do not hesitate to contact us because we are always ready to help you at anytime of the day.

You must know that only citizens of 11 countries are allowed to visit Angola without a passport. But from 2018, Angola had made a rule that tourists or visitors to Angola can definitely apply for a visa online or also get a visa on arrival at the Angola airport but that is limited to only 59 countries.


Types of Visas available while you are visiting Angola

Tourist Visa

This visa is applicable to only those who are planning to spend a quality holiday or a vacation with their family or friends living in Angola or visit the tourist spots there. It is tge most popular visa and people opt for this more and gets the visa quickly without much hassles.

Business Visa

This visa is specifically issued to the representatives or the professionals who visit Angola for professional purposes and expand their company’s visibility. Many may even set up a business there. You can also get the visa if you apply online via Tourist Visa Online and if you feel like applying through the Embassy then also you can do it. 

Documents required for applying a visa online for Angola 

  • An International Vaccination Certificate should be present with you and it should be valid.
  • You should definitely have two passport size photos with 80% of face coverage and no other accessories you should be wearing.
  • You should have a passport that should be valid for about 6 months.
  • You should show the hotel bookings all the address of the residence where you will be staying when you will be in Angola.
  • You should also bring the cover letter from your institution on the organization who is sending you for business purposes to Angola.
  • You should also show your ticket reservations which should also have the arrival and the departure dates.
  • You should have the Proof of livelihoods which is actually equivalent of 200USD per each day of stay in Angola.


Three ways of applying for a visa to Angola

  1. The first way is starting get your visa on arrival at the Luanda airpot at Angola. You should also take with you all the required documents as mentioned above.
  2. The second way is you can apply by going to the embassy or the consulate. You should provide correct information to the embassy while applying for a visa otherwise your visa processing will get delayed.
  3. And the third way is that you can apply for a visa online via tourist visa online. Applying for a visa online has more advantages like you don’t have to stand in the line or wait for your visa to be processed. You don’t have to take any risks of having a hard copy or getting a hard copy at the embassy or at the airport. You will have with you the soft copy if you apply through online website. Even the fees that will be charged through online is less while when you are applying for the other two ways the cost is more.


Processing Time and fees of the visa and Stay validity of the visa 

If you are applying through the Embassy then it will take 7 business days but if you are applying online through Tourist visa online then it will take 3 to 4 working days to get your visa processed. 

The Single Entry Tourist Visa costs 145.0 USD and the processing time is 7 to 9 days and the visa validity is for 60 days but Stay validity of the visa is for 30 days. 

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