Angola Multiple Entry Visa

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If you have family or business in Angola due to which you have to make multiple trips to the country, then an Angola Multiple Entry visa is what you should apply for.

Angola is a beautiful South African country that is landlocked on three sides and has one coastal side. You can visit it as a tourist or set up a business here with multiple entries.

Visitors can definitely feel the remnants of the Old Portuguese culture in this country. It defines some of the biggest architectural monuments that still stand in the country.

Multiple entry visas exist to make our travelling simpler. It is available for both on arrival visas as well as an Angola e-visa. You can find out your eligibility for an e-visa from the tourist visa online website.

Single entry

A visa like this will let the travellers enter the country just one time. They will have to stay in the country until the expiry and then leave. To visit Angola once again they will have to apply for a new visa yet again.

This sort of Angola single entry visa is perfect if you are visiting for vacation for a few days and do not plan to return anytime soon. Additionally, it is also the one available the easiest and costs quite low.

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Multiple entries

An Angola multiple entry visa is the better option if you have ties to the country. It can be a business connection or familial. Visitors holding this visa can come to the country and then go back and forth to their home country several times.

This visa will be eligible for use from six months up to one year. After which you can get a new multiple entry visa. It should also be noted that this visa costs a little more than a single entry visa.

But it is also worth the time and efforts since it saves the visitor from having to go through the application process again and again.

Application Process

Ever since 2018, the Angola e-visa application process shifted online it has made travelling so much more convenient to this country.

  • You can visit the official immigration website and find the application form.
  • Fill it in with the information according to what is mentioned in the passport and other documents.
  • Submit the fees online and attach the said papers.
  • Hit the enter button and your application will go to the immigration office.
  • The consulate will take from anywhere between three to ten days.
  • After which you will receive the Angola visa in your mail. Make sure to print it out in hard copy and take it to the airport with you.

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Document Requirements

Here is a list of documents your travel agency or consulate will need to apply for the Angola Multiple entry visa:

  • Passport, valid for six months.
  • It should have at least 4 blank pages and a passport cover.
  • Passport-sized pictures in their digital form.
  • Travel details and accommodation reservation has to be presented in detail.
  • Flight details of the return journey.
  • Bank account information from the past three months.

E-visa facts

Your travel agency or embassy will also remind of the following rules and regulation to keep in mid while applying for the e-visa.

  • The visa will be eligible to use for either single or multiple entries in Angola depending on what you chose.
  • Visitors with this visa can stay for a period of 30 days. They can also look into extending it before the expiry date.
  • You will need an active working email to receive the visa on.
  • Tourists, visitors, students and even business people can apply for this.
  • If you want to work with the Angola e-visa, then you will have to get a work permit from a designated entry airport.

Apply Angola Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, an Angola e-visa can be used to enter the country several times according to the regulations under multiple entries.

Yes, a visa meant for multiple entries will cost more than the regular visa. You will have to pay about $100 for it depending on which country you belong to.

Trusty travel agencies like tourist visa online have set up special 24*7 customer support lines just for helping future travellers like you.

To process your Angola visa application, you do not need to understand the language. However, you do need to submit the application form and documents notarized legally in Portuguese by a translator.

A total of 66 countries can apply for the Angola e-visa in advance.

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