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If you are an independent filmmaker or work for a production house looking to understand how Angola filming visa works, then this article is for you.

All over the world hundreds of movies, TV shows, and commercials are shot and released every day. A lot goes behind the filming process and one of those is scouting locations and filming there.

Angola, a country in the Central part of Africa is known for its unique mix of desert and water. The Namib Desert’s rich sand, local tribes, culture, and heritage Moreover, much of it is undiscovered for a large part of the world.

That is why it can offer some of the most peaceful and scenic filming locations to any of your projects for the big screen. Generally, Production companies hire a travel agency to deal with arranging all the visas and permits. In this article, you can find it out for yourself.

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Work Permit

Countries like the UK, USA, and India have huge film industries that generate billions of dollars in revenue. The governments of these nations have passed laws and Acts to incorporate and direct every step of the procedure.

They even have filming visas for crews to visit their country. However, there is no such thing as an Angola filming visa, because the nation does not have an active employment generation movie industry.

Therefore, those who want to film something and need permission to do so can simply get Angola work permits. The government issues these permits at $100 for one person to stay and work in the country for at least three months.

Their Angola visa can also be extended up to 36 months. After which it will expire and you will have to apply once again.

It is better to send in the application months before. It should take about 15 days for the entire process but the authorities can also take 2-3 months to issue the permit.

Similarly, your film crew will also require some kind of living arrangements depending on the schedule. A handy travel agency like tourist visa online can help you to fix all of these visas and paperwork.


The Angola work permit visa requirement includes a lot of documents and details. We bring you a list of them:

  • You will have to visit a consulate office in person to apply directly.
  • A passport that should be valid for the next twelve months.
  • It should also have at least four blank pages to be stamped at the airport.
  • Passport-sized pictures (Two)
  • An employment contract with the company you will be working with.
  • You will also have to write up a letter addressed to the embassy and submit it along with the application form you filled.
  • A clean criminal record from your country along with all academic and professional certificates.
  • A certificate that declares and vouches for your good health.
  • Finally, while submitting these documents and forms make sure that they are translated into Portuguese. (It should be done by an official translator and legalised by a notary.)
  • Tourist visa online has language experts in their employment who help travellers with things just like this.

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If your production company is based in a foreign country it will have to open up an Angolan Subsidiary to fulfil Angola visa requirements.

When a company decides to work in Angola for a certain period, they obviously bring their own staff with the needed skills. But they also have to hire locals according to the government rules.

All the people coming down from abroad to work will have to get Angola work permits. Moreover, they will not be able to have more than 30% of their staff in the country at a time.

Apply Angola Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Angola is a country that lies in Central Africa and is home to a big desert. This is why it does not generally pop up on people’s radars while planning holidays.

Individually, you will have to pay $100 for an Angola work permit. A travel agency like tourist visa online can help sort prices for a large crew travelling.

No, unlike other countries Angola does not have big film industries for the government to make special laws. Therefore they still issue a work permit for it instead of an Angola filming visa.

No, the Angola work permit depends on however long the employment project lasts.

You can simply reapply for it through a consulate while Angola.

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