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  • What is Angola tourist visa?
  • Types of Angola tourist visa
  • How to apply for 30 days Angola Tourist Visa?
  • Why apply from Tourist Visa Online?
  • 6 Best places to visit in Angola (Angola Tourism)
  • FAQ's

What is Angola tourist visa?

Angola is a beautiful country in southwestern Africa with a diverse tribal crowd.

Angola Tourist Visa is a document which grants you access in the premises of Angola. As you know, visas are of different types issued for diverse reasons. One of the most common reasons for issuing an Angola Visa is to visit different tourist places in Angola. This type of visa is called Angola Tourist Visa.  

From the best tourist attractions in the capital of Angola, "Luanda" to the most beautiful spots even in the Angola outskirts, it's an overall a worthy trip and also relaxes you from your everyday stretch.

Types of Angola tourist visa

Visit Tourist Visa Online to know the rates. Also, note that the rate changes according to the current country you are staying in and the country citizenship you have as mentioned on your passport.

30 days Angola Tourist Visa

  1. This visa is applied by the tourists interested in spotting tourist places in Angola.
  2. Visa validity is for 60 days
  3. Stay validity is for 30 days
  4. It has only one single entry.

Other Types of Angola Visa which were once granted have been stopped due to some recent governmental laws of Angola as well as due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Before you apply make sure you have these things ready:

  • You need to get a passport valid for next at least the next nine months.
  • Your passport should also have at least 2-4 empty pages.
  • Passport-sized photographs and the expressions should be formal or official. Informal poses or gestures should be strictly avoided.
  • Medical fitness test if asked to be provided
  • Medical PCR test required as proof to show that you are Covid-19 negative. If you are "COVID-19 positive", no travelling services will allow you in, thus you strictly need to quarantine yourself and get the required medical help.

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How to apply for 30 days Angola Tourist Visa?

In this diversified Era with infinite options, let's look for something realistic and more authentic. You can apply for the Angola E visa in two normal ways.

  • Offline process: In this one, you need to step out and get to the nearby embassies to get the visa application process started. If looked beneath the surface, its real time consuming one and requires more documentation work than ever! The delays are the next annoying thing one might notice. And also during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it's necessary to change our offline methods to home serviced online methods.
  • Online process: In this process, You can Apply Angola E Visa Online by following the few simple steps, make the payment (payment security will be 100% ensured) and thus get your visa in few days on your registered mail. Yes, it's that easy.

Just follow the given steps:

  • Visit Tourist Visa Online
  • Fill in your country and the citizenship of yours as mentioned on your passport
  • You will get the rates accordingly if you agree then proceed.
  • Fill the Angola Visa Application Form; make sure to get errors in your spellings and other details.
  • Upload the asked documents, scan them properly beforehand. The images should not be blur or damaged either.
  • Proceed and make the payments either via debit/credit cards or PayPal.
  • You will get the notifications on your registered mail. You will be given the status of your visa from time to time until the process ends.
  • Once the visa process succeeds, you get the soft copy of your visa on Mail.
  • Get the print outs on A-4 sized papers and pack your bags!

Why apply from Tourist Visa Online?

It’s a relevant question when someone asks about the authenticity of some of the other services. Thus to provide you with a clear view, these are some of the reasons for which you should apply via Tourist Visa Online only!

  • Least chances of Visa rejection.
  • No delays at all, you will get your visa in the least amount of time.
  • Affordable rates, this organization serves you at the cheapest rates than other websites.
  • 100% authenticity ensured.
  • Secure payment lines, no conspiracies or misguidance involved.
  • The process is fast and you just have to follow few simple steps, that's it!
  • 9 % success rates.
  • A most experienced organization with almost more than 200+ countries using these services.

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5 Best places to visit in Angola

Angola has a wonderful list of natural and soothing tourist places attracting various people from all over the world! Most of the attractions are because of the maintained heritage and culture. Even though some ups and lows are noticed regarding security but if you are well equipped, your experience can be a beautiful memory.

10 best places in Angola you should visit for sure are as follows:

  1. Ilha de Luanda (Island of Luanda): It’s a small peninsula with 5 km of extension right in Luanda. With beautiful beaches and restaurants, bars etc. it’s a must-visit place! Some beaches are under the control of private organizations while some are publicly free. It can get the most crowded ones in the 9 months summer duration.
  2. Ilha do Mussulo (Island of Mussulo): This comes in the southern extension of Luanda with 30 km of the land range. Warm water and the dazzling view are natural in this place. People come here to wash away their problems and chaotic life under the soft sunlight with the sea view nearby.
  3. Marginal de Luanda: It’s a nice view which goes from Luanda's port into Luanda's island. It's just renovated lately a few years back and is a delightful place. Can say that it's now one of the most favourites for the Angolans. The city lights and the wide skyline are observed from here!
  4. Miradouro da Lua: It’s a place with a different terrain range and bright land colours! It's fascinating that it provides a natural and most dazzling lunar landscape. It's created by the soil erosion and wind
  5. Kissama National Park: A safari place in Angola is this; Kissama National Park. Extended for about 75 km southern to Luanda, it’s a great trip to this place! Some animals conserved and fostered can be encountered during the safari.
  6. Cabo Ledo and Sangano beaches: Its located 100 km to the south of Luanda and has a fine view! It's close to the city, thus very populated and frequently visited. Both the beaches are in the bay. It has warm blue water and a combination of yellow sand. It’s a good weak end treat for the nearby residents.

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  • What are the Angola visa requirements?

The requirements of the Angola visa are as follows:

  1. Passport valid for 9 months
  2. 2-4 empty pages in the passport
  3. Passport-sized photographs
  4. Other identification documents (changes country to country)
  • What are the documents required before entering Angola?
  1. A return ticket booked and confirmed beforehand.
  2. A visa confirmed and stamped beforehand
  3. Passport with 9 months validity
  4. Identification cards (if asked)
  5. No criminal/bad records regarding the individual
  • What is Angola visa on arrival?

The visa provided after you land in Angola is termed as Angola Visa on Arrival. It’s the recent news that according to the Republic of Angola, the visas on arrival service is at a halt. It's allowed only for certain countries that too under VIP circumstances. The chances of getting a visa on arrival for a random person are least.

  • Is Angola a safe place to visit?

Angola has made a remarkable record in crime rates and other stuff but if you enter Angola with a strict and experienced tourist personnel guide, you might get a good time in Angola as well. Strictly avoid night outs and night tours in Angola.

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